white girls can jump!


While watering the plants out front, and waiting for Daryl to come home, Mia splashed in the water and JUMPED for the first time! She's been practicing for weeks, but today, she got it...both feet came off the ground at the same time. Well then she just couldn't stop herself. She jumped till her Dada came home, then her little legs got tired and fell on her butt a couple of times, so she handed out 'high pibes' and called it quits.

Before Daryl got home, I was making dinner and Mia really amused herself. She played with her Leap Frog drum for a while, then grabbed her butterfly book, came and sat in the kitchen and read while I finished up. She just seems so content and happy with herself lately. She really is a joy to be with.
Oh, she's become way more affectionate. She climbs into our laps and just snuggles for a long time, she smiles more, and gives out plenty of kisses. Maybe she knows she's almost done with teething. She's also on antibiotics for a minor ear infection. Her pal Blake has become a lot more loving towards his Mama, Juliet lately....he's a couple of weeks older than Mia. It doesn't really matter 'why' she's a happy little camper, but I'd like to know the trigger if there is one, in case I need to pull it out of my hat of magic mama tricks :)

After dinner, we all had a great time playing around. Mia wore her spider trick-or-treat bucket as a hat, did some back bends and head stands, we all made our monster and zombie noises, then Mia and I sang some songs. Then a warm bath, some books, warm milk and off to bed with her poodle dog.

Mia tucking in her poodle dog when she was 14 months old

yay! spider!

Mia's back bends


Mia jumps:

Mia plays:

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