Gwen is One-derful!

Happy Birthday Gwen!

We went to Gwen's first birthday party this afternoon! She was so cute in her new little dress & shoes. Mia had fun playing with her cousin, saying 'hi' to everyone, getting picked up on her demand (what a great Paw Paw she has)and swinging on the swing with her Dada. Melissa made some yummy cupcakes and after we all sang to Gwen we all watched her devour her cupcake while we all devoured ours. While Gwen opened gifts, Mia played with a bag of tissue. Melissa set it up so she'd have something to do :) It was great hanging with friends and family celebrating such a sweet little girls' first birthday.

Mia gets some snuggle time with her Paw Paw

cupcake face

After the party, Mia, Daryl and I hit Chuck E Cheese for some not-so-bad pizza and some fun and games. Mia's quite fond of the bee game as well as any other game that spits out tickets. Daryl tied to she if the Shocking Gorilla game would really shock him...it just vibrated a lot. Since there were many birthdays being celebrated there, Mr. Cheese made an appearance. Mia loved him from a far, and that was good enough for her.

for the bees

Dada vs. Crazy Gorilla

ticket, tickets, tickets

Once settled back at home, I left my family in search of Mia's Halloween costume. Mia picked it out online out of a lineup and there ya go. She's going to be a beeba (zebra)! I scored the last zebra costume at the special Halloween store by Lakeline mall, and was excited to try it on her...now if SHE would be excited is a whole other question. She actually could hardly wait to put it on and when I finally figured it out, she LOVED it. Mia wasn't fazed at all, she just kept trying to find her tail. She really does make the cutest little zebra I've ever seen.

our lil beeba

Mama & Mia

ferocious beeba!

Mia has tired with washing dishes, through with switching the lights on and off, so she's moved on to harassing the fish. We've moved her step stool around the kitchen to various spots. Now, she's quit content hanging with Lola & Mog.

here fishy, fishy, fishy

OK. In this zebra video, I ask Mia MANY times what she is because I LOVE to hear her say 'beeba' and she says it with such gusto it makes me happy :) Just a little perk of being her mama.

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