Fairy Kitty

Daryl and I took our little fairy out to the Greenwood School Spring Fairy Festival yesterday....I'll post more later...this is about our facepainted Fariy Kitty, who couldn't get enough of herself :)

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LOOK what I got!

As part of the AWESOME F-R-E-E with a Catch meme , I received this gorgeous felt art piece made for me by one of my best friends, Stephanie! Isn't it the most beautiful ever?!?! It really warmed my heart...I can't wait to frame and display it :)

I'll tell you, when I first read about the F-R-E-E with a Catch post on her blog, I thought 'Sign me UP!'....what? The catch? I have to pay it forward? I have no problem with paying things forward....but....I can't make anything!....Steph talked me down and explained that it could really be anything. It's really just a token...ohhhh, as long as peeps don't expect some lavish handmade Etsyesque gift :)

Stephanie made this for ME, and it feels just like Me...and where I am, what I'm focusing on...I love how much she knows and loves me....now, what will I make for HER?

*as for the 5 peeps that responded to my F-R-E-E Gift with a Catch post....I've set a reminder for myself. You'll receive something special that I've made for you...some time this year ;)


In each moment

That's what Ita and Mia were in...they were in the moment...each and every moment they were together....like when they were listening to Lily. When my mom visits, the world stops...and that's a very good thing. They spent time outside picking flowers and blowing on dandelions....in and out of the sandbox, talking...not talking. They were happy.

Then out came the Cooties! I LOVED that game growing up. So I picked it up a few weeks ago. Daryl, Mia and I have played once. Out came the Cooties...and with total disregard for the rules or object of the game...Mia and Ita built their Cooties....they had fun!

Well, mama received a package...full of packing peanuts. I was about the throw the box and peanuts into the garage when I heard...'Mama, can we play with those?'....sure, why not? Knock yourselves out...and they did...for a very looooong time. Joy. No...Bliss. They were Blissed Out!

That night, we hooked up wii and wii fit. Ita was determined to conquer some skill or other...and she had her little cheerleader by her side :)

The next day...after we all got mani-pedi's...Mia wanted to break out the water colors. They painted and painted and talked and were very much in the moment....each and every moment.


Listening to Lily

One night last week, during Ita's (my mama) visit, Ita and Mia curled up in the bed..gently on top of my baby belly, to listen to Lily. I think all they heard was my dinner digesting, but it was a sweet moment...that I'm very glad Daryl ran and got my camera to capture one of the sweetest moments of my life :)


What Baby Needs

Storytime with Daddy. The books on welcoming a new baby into the family by Dr. Sears are just awesome. We got both books (Baby on the Way & What Baby Needs) shortly after we found out we were pregnant (along with the potty book), and Mia's loved them. I really dig that it shows a baby nursing and co-sleeping. The daddy gets to feed the baby with a bottle...he even gets to wear the baby in a sling! It's all about letting the older sibling know what to kind of expect when mama's pregnant and when the new baby comes. I think Mia's more prepared than I am :)
Last night, while snuggling with Daryl, I was feeling kind of melancholy, and didn't know why. After talking about stuff for a while, I realized that I was sad. I'm gonna miss my lil family of three. I already feel as though there are many times where we don't make enough time for each other...or we just plain get snappy. Not fun. I know by adding Lily into the mix, there will be more love and precious moments....but I'm still scared about this whole family of four thing. I'm sure we'll make sure all of baby's needs are covered.... oh, I'm so glad I'm going to the mama retreat this Friday by Carrie Contey...all about keeping mama's cup full, so she can love and give without it being too incredibly hard. I need tricks :)


Mill's Pond with friends

A couple of weeks ago, Mia and I met up at Mill's Pond with our wonderful friends...Stephanie and her two boys, R & C. Over the last month, Mia and I have spent many a morning at the pond and this is what we usually do:
  • go to pier and feed ducks
  • Mia plays on big rock pile while I stretch and do a little yoga in the shade
  • walk around the pond...spending some time on the long 'troll' bridge
  • climb (Mia) & relax (mama) on the big rocks in the meditation garden
  • finish walking around pond
  • watch the 'duck show'
  • have a picnic lunch under the trees

This time, we had COMPANY!!! Steph and the boys had never been to the pond, so we showed them the ropes. It was so nice and relaxed. Stephanie and I were able to talk a lot...something very hard to do at large playdates or with kids underfoot in general. Mia had a WONDERFUL time with the boys. Spring had sprung and many of the trees were covered in buds and small flowers. While relaxing on our blanket, I had the kids run back and forth while I practiced Long Exposure...not thrilled with my results, but we all had a blast trying :) We can't wait to do this again....(hint...hint, Stephanie)

C eats the majority of his (stale) portion of the bread for ducks

C & Mia...Prince and Princess of the rock pile

my sweet girl

redbud (?) blossoms

Lil Miss Independent

sweet smellin dogwood blossoms

watching what Mia calls 'The Duck Show"

attempts with long exposure :)

what would that tree do without C to help hold it up?

I love how comfy they are with each other :)


Outdoor Fun

Yesterday, we met up with some wonderful O'Mamas n tots. Mama Allison (sporting the RED hair) and her Sarah and Kristopher hosted a bike playdate. We all go together with our bikes...Mia had her trike. While she was totally enraptured by Sarah's bike bell, little Sam made off with her trike. It was cool to watch the older girls zoom by on their big bikes and training wheels...pretty soon that'll be Mia...until then, I'm very happy she's still little enough for a trike.