Dinner & Dancing at The Oasis

wanting to wear her Mama's dancin' shoes

When Daryl and I first started dating...just over 3 1/2 years ago, we had a double date with Tom and Dee at The Oasis. The Eggmen were playing and we had a good 'ole time. Tonight, the Eggmen were at the Oasis, so we all took advantage of the wonderful weather and met out there for dinner, but this time we had a Snapper along, too!

hangin' with her Nana

Mia was hungry so she was mellow. After her quesadilla, she was ready to cut a rug! She had a great time spinning and stomping her feet. The whole atmosphere was so different, but she really took to it. The only time she sat in her highchair was when the band was on break. She was everywhere, saying hi to everyone, and just having a blast. She danced a little with her Paw Paw, Nana, Dada and Me, but when she could...she was out there doing her thing all by herself.

Dancin' with her Dada

There was this little boy, Nathaniel, who enjoyed dancing just as much as Mia, and he really wanted to dance with her. He kept going up to her with a big smile on his face, and his hands out to her...DENIED! She wouldn't have anything to do with him, but after a few tries, he wore her down and they danced, hand in hand for a few seconds then she was off on her own again. He was born Jan 1st...19 days before Mia. It was too cute to watch.

Snapper cuttin a rug with her Paw Paw

Our camera ran out of juice right after we got there, so I didn't get many shots or much video, but Dee and Tom got a lot, and will be sharing when they can. They are off to Europe tomorrow and have to get up at 5:30am, so I'm sure getting the pics and footage to me isn't way up there on their list. I will post their stuff as soon as I get it :)

taking a break

We all had such a lovely time. The weather was as perfect as the sunset. I only wish they played some slower songs so I could get a slow dance in with my husband ;)

When we got there, it was nice and calm, but towards the end, there wasn't any room on the dance floor!

Thirsty girl after all that fun!

The sound on the video is horrible, but the music in person was perfect:

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