Matt's Halloween Birthday Party

Lil red riding hood & her big bad wolf

Last night, our friend, Aimee, came over to Snapper-sit, so Daryl and I could go to Matt Young's Halloween costume birthday party. It was super fun and we all had a great time.
Here's the low down on the costumes:
I was Little Red Riding Hood and Daryl was my Big Bad Wolf...he wore a cool wolf mask licking his lips.
Amanda was a Geisha and her Matt (birthday boy) was the karate kid...or some martial arts guy...he complemented his girl.
Shane was a cowboy complete with a horse, and his Krista was a fabulous flapper
Diane was Kat von D from the TV show LA Ink...she drew her own tats, and they were amazing. She ended up giving me a very Mom/heart one on my arm. Her Marquis came as a Wii controller. He made it himself, and it was fabulous!

Gary was a Breathalyzer machine, and Loren didn't dress up :(

Adam was the Devil and Matt Miller was a Reaver from the TV show Firefly and movie Serenity (both show and movie were great...check 'em out)

BJ & his girl, Kayla, were, well... I'm not sure. But, they were in Renaissance fighter and his girl costumes.

Matt and Amanda had TONS of food. Chicken fajitas, gucamole, chips & dip, mac-n-cheese, jalepeno poppers and 7-layer dip They asked for our recipies for the poppers and dip a while back and have been making them ever since :) It's quite flattering. Matt's birthday cake was a yummy cake from the Cheesecake Factory.

I played Guitar Hero for the first time! While I was on 'easy' and Amanda was on 'expert' and she kicked my but, I had a blast playing, and may want to get one for Christmas :)....or go over there and play.

me and the Wii

some of the guys

my new tat

a lesson in lip gloss

the gals

some other guys

guitar heroines

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