Creative Playscape...sort of

Yesterday, we hit a new park with some friends. The Creative Playscape was AWESOME!...too bad I didn't get many shots of it. That's what happens when you're 7.5 months pregnant and sit down...you just don't get up if you don't have to! Mia had a blast exploring on her own...there were so many nooks and crannies that I was glad she was dressed in bright colors. Damon wanted to show her his 'secret hiding place'...she replied, 'oh, secret hiding place'. I don't think she'd ever heard that term before, but it was cute to here how she some how new it was important.

So, here are my fave shots of the day. As you can see, my camera fell in LOVE with Eli...he's in red with the big blue eyes..couldn't get enough of him :)


Birth Art

I'm in the lovely process of preparing myself for childbirth. In doing so, I've taken up reading Birthing From Within...thank you for the recommendation, Sara (our Doodle...that's what Mia calls our Doula). I just read the chapter on Birth Art, and today it felt right to start exploring my thoughts and feelings. Here are some main points of the Birthing From Within philosophy that speak loudly to me:

  • Childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical event (even when medical care is part of the birth).
  • The essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information
  • Active, creative self-expression is critical to childbirth preparation.

Birth Art 1- Comforting Warmth
medium: crayon
I found myself with my pink baby deep inside me...while I rested on a big soft purple pillow...floating on calm water...myself and my baby being warmed & baked by the sun

Birth Art 2 - Transition

medium: washable marker

I felt pain in my back and my belly...it was stronger than I was... there was just a hint of my form...the focus on the pain, and the baby was breach. I stopped as soon as I noticed that and went on to my next drawing

Birth Art 3 - Beauty
medium: washable marker
I'm radiant and powerful...my face, calm and made of love..my baby also calm and made of love...and in a position to be born.

Birth Art 4 - Safety

medium: colored pencil

We are a family united by are love and shielded from the chaos (outsiders, complications....) I hold my eldest in the crook of my arm, my baby safe inside, my husband watching over us all.

I noticed that in all my pieces, I wasn't pushing...I'm not quite there yet. Loving Miss Lily inside of me, thank you very much. I do feel that learned a lot about myself while creating and exploring...looking forward to more! :)

Mia puffy hearts her Ita

I guess with all the holiday craziness, I forgot to post some photos of our fun filled visit from Ita (my mama). I found these photos while looking for bokeh shots in my flickr photostream...I wanted to add some of mine to the Shutter Sisters post on the subject. Out of it I also get a lovely Love Thursday post.

This marks their second year of their holiday tradition of building a gingerbread house. Mia showed how she vibrates, gets frustrated and then finishes off with angry when given too much sugar. Between the icing and all the candies, Mia didn't stand a chance. Ita decided that next year, she'll be much more vigilant on her sugar watch :) They did have a lot of fun and came away with a super fab gingerbread house!

I love when I can relax and just watch my mom make some wonderful memories with her granddaughter. Mia brought book after book to Ita, scrambled on her lap and nestled in for storytime.

chookooloonks and friends have much more love to share :)


Feathered Friends - a For the Birds kinda playdate

(I had intended this post to be Wordless, but had to explain what was going on) :)

The kids made cereal necklaces (birdfeeders) for the trees, learned all about birds via binoculars and an informative page on local birds...then we all went down and fed the ducks :)

my Mia covered in peanut butter :)

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Caution: Wet Paint!

* I just commented on Tracey's blog post, and I really like what I said...so I'm adding it to the front of today's blog...just a few hours after posting :)*

What's been on my mind a lot today is in 10 short weeks, I'll be a mother for the second and last time. It's hitting me hard today what all that means...as a woman, a wife, a mother...a person of this world.
That's not what I blogged about, though :) Just how my first child is so into the 'process' of everything...not the outcome. 'wonder what will happen if I paint my whole hand red...hmmm'

On our first non cold, wet or windy day Mia finally got to paint outside! She knows that if it's outdoor painting, pretty much anything goes...she gets to explore to the fullest and messiest. This day was no exception.

My only problem is that I can't pick my Best Shot! This has seriously been the hardest Monday for me...ever! They are all my 'best's' for one reason or another, but I'm going with the first one...but feel free to pick your own. If you go HERE, you'll see there are more that didn't make the cut, but came in sooo close!

It was a perfect afternoon....Mia got to paint, and I got to capture it all :)

My choice for Best Shot

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