Rough Night ~ Happy Day

I know it's after midnight, but I haven't been to bed yet, so I'm going to refer to Wednesday as 'today'.

Mia had a rough night last night...well, we ALL had a rough night last night. Mia kept waking up and crying 'mama' in the most pitiful voice ever. We tried milk, rocking in the rocker, singing...all the usual stuff, but she kept waking up. I finally asked her where her boo-boo was and she pointed to the back upper left part in her mouth (it's awesome that she can let me know what hurts. It takes a lot of guess work out of being a mama) Ah ha! Teething!! A little dab of Orajel and some Motrin was all she needed. We just aren't used to those rough nights, but she only needs her last two molars and then she's DONE with teething FOREVER!!! What's interesting is that after a chat with Sarah about how our girls acted rather uncharacteristically last night, we agreed that both the girls are up to teething....the full moon was last week...we checked :)

The Snapper slept in til 9 then we had to skedaddle over to Heartsong for our Music Together class. We missed last week due to illness, so we had a pleasant surprise...new songs! I love the Native American chants. They take me to another place. Mia had fun spinning in circles, tapping her thighs and singing 'ba ba ba', playing with the rhythm sticks(we've moved on from the shaker eggs) and all the musical instruments. After class we had a birthday party to go to :)

Phoebe is two!! We joined Nathan, Cheng and friends in celebrating Phoebe's second birthday. Mia loved the balloons, swimming pools, their bow-legged dog (I can NEVER remember his name!), the sandbox and playing with her pals Blake and Livie. There were several other kids there, too, but Mia kept close with her friends. I enjoyed hanging out and chatting, the Mexican food, and watching the kids have a great time devouring their cupcakes. The icing was piled high on Mia's, so Juliet bravely scooped it off and added it to the top of hers :)

After a much needed nap, we went over to Lisa's house so Mia could play with her friend, Samantha...and her little brother, Jack. Mia played peek-a-boo with baby Jack (4 months old), and later helped Samantha out with her sippy cup. Oh, I must say that during the first two events of the day Mia didn't push or hit, but it didn't last long at Samantha's. Samantha had a little bit of a hard time sharing some of her toys...understandable, so there was a little pushing and shoving by both girls. Lisa and I scored it pretty even.

Mia helping out a friend in need of juice
I'm so glad we have a glass-top dinning table...Mia gets sooooo messy! After a wonderful dinner (and Mia asking for cake...which we don't have)with Daddy, we sat down in the living room to go through Mia's loot bag from the party. She does NOT like the horn or the kaleidoscope. She digs the ball and Play-Doh. She called the dolphin a penguin and watched while her Daddy played with her top. Niles and Mia both loved the bubbles, and I loved how much time it took to go though everything and how much Mia (and Daddy and Niles)had fun :) It was a super day, and now I should go to bed...after a busy morning tomorrow, we're heading to the coast to meet up with Nana, Paw Paw, Memaw and hopefully some big fish!

Post-dinner silliness

Livie & Mia hangin' out by the pool

Mia & Blake playing in the sand Cupcakes!!
Mia enjoys a cupcake
Juliet enjoys a cupcake with a double shot of frosting

Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

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