The Snapper hearts Ice Cream

bucket hat
Mia was so happy when we got to the park today, she ran from the car to the playscape...well, to the rocks :) She refused to wear her hat and instead, used it as a bucket for some of her beloved rocks. We played with the rocks until our buddies Sarah and Isabel came walking up. It had been TOOOOOOO long since they got together and played, and they had such a great time. This was the Bell's turf, so she was an expert at all aspects of the playscape. Mia however, tried to test the big wide openings that are there for MUCH bigger kids to jump through. After I told her it was 'danger' a couple of times, she gave up and headed towards the tunnel...but she did try to dip her toe over the imaginary line that I didn't want her to cross a couple of times while looking at me for a reaction :)

The Bell flying high with her Mama

They swung and snacked, then we all headed over to the pool. The water was COLD! Even Mia said so. We eased our way in and had a great time. Sarah and I chatted while the girls hung out all over the steps. After about 45 min of play, it was time to go. They were closing the pool for the day, and Mia was hungry and sleepy. Sun & fun with friends makes for a great nap!


Daryl had to work late tonight...he's still working...so I knew I had the afternoon and evening with the Snapper. What do girls do? They go shopping! We hit La Frontera and started at Kohl's. We didn't find anything, so we kept walking, and walking.... I saw Maggie Moo's, an ice cream parlor, and remembered how much Mia LOVED the few tastes of my ice cream I gave her, but then I thought I should get some real food into her first. A couple of doors down was a Fire Bowl, so we shared some Pad Thai, and Mia ate with chopsticks for the first time. She just called them sticks and banged them on the table some, but really got a good amount of food into her belly with them. Luckily the noodles were a little sticky and held on for her...she just stabbed the egg, chicken and shrimp :)

The gal needs a drink!

Full after that meal, we went walking to Old Navy and got her a cute skeleton t-shirt. Oh, Mia picked out her outfit today. I have to mention it because we had many people stop and comment on how cute she was and what a cute outfit she had on. This is what she wore; pink polka-dotted sneaks, frilly prairie skirt, too long and too tight turtle shirt from Cozumel, her pink Barbie sunglasses and the pièce de résistance ... her pack-pack! She carried her sippy cup in there as well as her t-shirt, once purchased. On to Barnes & Noble to buy a book that I've been wanting, but not only did I forget the title, but also the author. So, on to the kids' area to play with the trains, pick up an snuggle a plush duck (not purchased) and read Halloween books (also not purchased...have you been through the check out line at B&N with a toddler?). Back towards are car, which had to be 159,732 miles away or just felt like it. Never fear! Right smack dab between us and our car was Maggie Moo's!

didn't expect the cold

After a leisurely stroll, jumping, hanging our with our shadows (yes, Mia knows what a shadow is...finally she can see my hand shadow bunny on the wall) picking up some rocks to put in her pack-pack, and a couple stops to plop down and rest, we made it. This was to be Mia's first official cone all to herself. A big moment in a girls' life...I was prepared with a camera and oodles of wipies. All the teenage girls fawned all over Mia and she got her first cone on the house. When I was younger and worked for The Man in food retail, I also gave out things without the managers' approval :) After trying bubble gum and strawberry, Mia went with the strawberry. After trying red velvet cake (you would think that would be yummy), I went with the Mexican vanilla. We both had sugar cones..my fav from when I was a kid. Well, we had the whole place, staff, customers....watching Mia attack her first cone and she did NOT disappoint :)


After all that frozen goodness, we finally made it back to our car. Our whole escapade took 3 1/2 hours!!!! Home for a bath (we shared one. Probably TMI, but as long as she's had her poo for the day, I'll bathe with that Snapper O' Mine), reading of the books and bed. Now, I sit here creating this blog and waiting for my tired husband to come home :(

I think she likes it

pretty girl in the parlor

just a tad bit messy

Want some, mama?

Mia doesn't seem very successful with her chopsticks, but before the camera came out, she was shovelin' & stabbin' :)

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