Punkin Patch

We drove out to Marble Falls this morning to the Sweet Berry Farm Punkin Patch.

pony ride

First stop: Pony Ride! If that was a pony, well, I just don't really think it was a pony. A smallish horse, maybe. Mia was a little hesitant to get on, so I got to, um, had to get on with her. I had, I mean, Mia had a great time :)


Daryl and Mia fed goats, and the only thing I heard was Mia laughing when the goat would tickler her hand while eating and Daryl saying in an oh, so sweet voice 'don't loose a finger'.

doat tickles

Then there was the hay ride. We rode out for a couple of minutes, then the driver kicked us all off and told us to walk through the tunnel (that went under the road) to see what we found on the other side. We all know how much Mia LOVES tunnels. It was all very mysterious and exciting. Well, there was a butterfly garden that was doing a fabulous job at attracting those flutterbys, and there was another old tractor and trailer full of hay ready for us to hop on and give us a ride through a corn maze. It was a lot of fun.


our lil punkin

There were picnic tables, food and drinks, so next year, we're probably make more of a day of it. Mia's still a little too little to sit still for a face painting, and not really interested in stuffing a scarecrow. Maybe next year she'll be up for tackling the big Texas corn maze. Mia was hot, and the lines were long, so we didn't grab a punkin. We're going to use the awesome one she painted with her Nana on our last visit.

punkin kisses

The car was a little too hot, so some of the icing on Daryl's cake slid right off. Not a pretty look for a cake, but it was still delicious.

I'm Meeeeelting

Mia changed into her beeba outfit before we got to Nana and Paw Paw's. She pranced around showing her tail off.

Paw Paw & his Zebra

Mia painted with Nana's paints. Then Nana and I painted Mia. Nana did the nose, I did her whiskers. Mia the kitty kat! Nana and Paw Paw gave Mia her first My Little Pony for Halloween. It was dressed up as a ladybug, and Mia just loved it. She also got some Twizzlers and organic chocolate. Mia loved them both, but are you even surprised? :)

a special moment with her Memaw

Memaw brought out some wonderful pictures of when she was younger and hanging with her girls. One of Memaw's dearest friends passed away last week, so she was a little sentimental. Mia gave her plenty of kisses and hugs.

it's for you

We had a very tasty birthday dinner of pork roast, a superb cauliflower dish that was all tricked out by Tom, and some tropical fruit. Followed by a birthday song and cake for the birthday boy. Mia helped blow out the candles, and helped herself to a hand full of icing. We stayed nice and late, and now it's off to bed.

Mmmmm love that birthday cake

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