Mia's Singing Debut

Meela sings a tune

We started off today with a playdate at Andrea & Colton's place. It was a music makers playdate where the kids were encouraged to explore their voices with the fun of a Karaoke machine :) Mia picked up the mic, and after getting her police hat on, was ready to wail. The machine was set to echo, so it made for interesting sounds. Mia enjoyed saying 'hello'. Everyone brought some favorite music so we could take turns and maybe learn some new songs. Mia and I brought our Music Together CD and played 'The Earth is Our Mother'. Another hit was Meela's 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'. After that, the musical instruments came out, the kids snacked and played, and the mamas snacked and chatted.

Mia, Ryleigh & Colton hanging out


After a relaxing car ride over to Auntie M & Gwen's place, we hung out there for another playdate. Yes, we are social flutterbys. Cheng Chen brought some yummy noodles, and Mia kept going between my plate with the noodles and Auntie M's plate with a blueberry muffin. We met 2 new moms and their little ones. Mia really had fun with Gwen's new spider puppet book and relaxed a bit on Gwen's bunny chair. After being there for an hour or so, Mia started getting a little frustrated with little Lucy (naptime, Mia?) so we said our good-byes until next time.

Live & Mia, the lounge lizard

MC Mia

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