What a fabulous mood Mia was in today! From the moment she woke up...(she usually introduces me to things in her room....window, Niles, cup, cow, turtle, book, cat...) until she went to sleep. She was so playful this evening. Running around and rough housing with her Dada and me. We tickled and played and hung her upside down. She smiled and laughed and hugged and kissed and snuggled :)
On our drive to Little Gym this morning, we sung with our Music Together CD. She was having a great ole time in the backseat clapping, tapping her knees and singing away. We had a great time with our friends at LG, but it sure was crowded today. I think there were many makeups being made up or something. It was crazy full and stuffy because the AC was set for a smaller class. Half way through, Mia went up to the window, looked outside, banged on the glass saying 'out, out'. One of her little friends tried to escape through the lobby. A few of us are rethinking the LG thing. We're going to try out Capital Gymnastics next week to see if it's a better fit for the next session.
After class, Mia and Murphy checked out the multitude of crickets (some squished, some not) outside. Then we hung out in Petco for a while. The rabbit was especially lively today. We then ran an errand for GCS. It's fun going to different areas. I'd never been to this industrial section of Austin before and it was rather interesting. We then drove up to a park, and when I turned around to help Mia get out of her car seat, there she was rubbing her eyes. Home, James.When she woke up...slowly and softly saying 'my Dada, Mama, Niles, my Dada' over and over contentedly, I couldn't resist going up there. She introduced me to various objects in the room, we read some books and headed downstairs for a snack. Oh, library books were due Friday, so off to the library we went. We found 6 more great board books, and Mia played with a couple of kids at the computer. We had to put the found books on hold because my card was safe at home (fresh from being laundered and sitting on the dryer...must remember to empty pockets)...no card, no books. So, on to the park. This is a park super close to our house, but we'd never been...it's been pretty hot! We had it all to ourselves. Mia played with pebbles (she 'swam' in them, too), her shovels and pail, then warmed up to the playscape. She kept looking up at me and saying 'happy'. We sure were!

Pull up a park bench and watch Mia play

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