Happy To You, Dada

Happy day to youuuuuuu!

Yesterday was Daryl's 27th birthday!!! We didn't get to celebrate until he came home from work, but I was able to send a big plate of birthday cookies with him to work. I'm now known as the Cookie Goddess at GCS :)

Mia took her Guelita to Little Gym...I got to tag along, too. She loved sitting on her Guelita's lap and showing her how she can swing from the bars. There are two staircases that go nowhere...if you're older, you could go across some bars, but the little ones have to be watched very carefully. Well, for the first time...with Guelita's guidance, Mia was able to figure out how to get up and over them without killing herself.

Guelita's lil monkey

After class, we walked over to Kid to Kid, a re-sale shop for kids clothes and toys, to have a look around. I found a couple of outfits for Mia, and I had to talk Mom out of buying a huge play kitchen for Mia. Now, Mia is interested in little kitchens, but not for over $200!!! There was a beautiful blue ballerina dress mixed in with the costumes. It had been made for a dance recital, and now it's Mia's :)

ballerina in blue

Next stop, the pet store. Mia introduced Guelita to her pals the snakes, crabs, fish, bunnies, mice and birds. The ferrets were napping. We watched a little dog get groomed. He was NOT happy about it. On to Barnes & Noble to play with the trains while I picked out a couple of gifts for Daryl. We enjoy watching the Food Network and checking out what all the creative chefs come up with, and Daryl has started cooking on Sunday nights, but he's said he's run out of ideas. So, I picked a cookbook for him. Kind of a greatest hits from all the Food Network chefs. I also found a 3-cd audiobook set by John Stossel, Yay!!!


Famished, we had lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant in Cedar Park, Los Reyes. Mia was great and very silly. She really loves chips, quesadillas, rice, beans and eats all the guacamole she can get...usually with chips or with her hands. She'll actually put her utensil down, just to stick her fingers in there.

holy guacamole!

While the girls napped, I was able to get a lot of work done. Then I went to the mall and Target for a couple of other birthday surprises. Mom helped me ice the cake, while Mia 'signed' her card and I wrapped gifts. Then we put Mia into her fancy blue ballerina dress, and she loved it! She kept twirling around and laughing. We all went outside to wait for Daddy. Mia played in the grass and then we walked down the block and back. Then, Mia really started pulling her dress off, she wanted it off and she wanted it off NOW!!! She kept fidgeting, so I looked in her diaper, and a fire ant had been biting her little butt!!! I got her all fixed up, but she wanted no part of that blue dress. She thinks it's what bit her. She may or may not ever wear it again, but it really doesn't matter because I got it for a couple of dollars :)

Mia loves cake...no, really, she does :)

Daddy finally came home and we greeted him with hugs and kisses and gifts and cake. We sang the birthday song, and Mia sang 'happy to you'. Mia had two pieces of cake, well, I think we all had two pieces of cake. Then I got to go out on a date with the birthday boy. We saw The Bourne Ultimatum at the Alamo. We enjoyed the movie, beer/sangria, cheese steak/pizza and each other :)

Little Gym with Guelita:

Blue dress that bit her butt:

Fly on the wall at Dada's birthday party:

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