Fairie Festival Spring 2010

It's Spring! Time for the annual Fairie Festival at the Greenwood School! We went last year and this year was just as much fun...except that we got there a little late and the face painting table was closed :( Mia still had loads of fun decorating a basket that she later used in the egg hunt. She blew bubbles, had a red Popsicle...red is her favorite color, ya know. Mia danced and played music with Mr Michael and had a cookie and tea at the Fairie Queen's Tea Party. At the end, Mia found 10 hidden eggs...some cascarones and some hard boiled. She ate a hard boiled on the spot. Lily chewed on her fairie wings, swiped a cookie, found an egg...that went straight to her mouth and ate a lot of grass. I think Daryl enjoys when his girls get dressed up and frolic around. He had a smile on his face the whole time. Oh, I finally got a chance to wear my huge blue butterfly wings....happiness. It was a lovely day.