i relax

now that i haven't spotted in over a week, we saw the baby's heartbeat again, as of last tuesday, the baby had tripled in size, i'm no longer on pelvic rest, and i'm not as nauseous anymore, i can relax a little.

i'm enjoying life a lot more, and Daryl, Mia and i had a wonderful weekend together. i've been napping a lot and in general, relaxing.

what i would love more than a lot of things is if Daryl and i could get a way for even a weekend to Cozumel or Playa del Carmen. that's a spot in the world where we've been kind of a lot, and it always feels so good to be there. it's familiar and relaxing. i've been working hard baking our bun and taking care of the snapper....Daryl has been working hard, period. we need it, and we'll get there, it just may take a little time, but we'll get there :)

in the mean time, we relax any way we can. ahhhhhhh


I wanna see my friends

With this whole pregnancy thang, I haven't been feeling well...especially this week. If it wasn't for Casa T, swimming class and gymnastics, Mia wouldn't see any of her friends. Every morning I ask her what she wants to do, and it's pretty much always 'go to a playdate and see my friends'. We are meeting some friends up at the park this morning, so I hope that gives her a good friends fix that can get her through the weekend. Here are some shots from an impromptu playdate we hosted a couple of weeks ago.


Angel Butterfly Biker

After hangin in the grass a little, Mia was back on her trike, this little one couldn't decide if she wanted to wear her butterfly or angel wings...she went with both.

Much like my daughter, I'm having a hard time picking my Best Shot....I love them all, but will go with the one below because I love everything about it. You'd never know how much a struggle it is for her to turn those darn pedals...she looks so confident.

red BSM button

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May I Hold Her?

Now that we're almost 8 weeks pregnant with our second baby, I've been thinking a lot about the birth of our first. Our Mia. There were so many wonderful first moments, but when I look back at pictures, I'm reminded of the sweet looks and cooing she received, then the hopeful looks to Daryl and me with the question, 'May I hold her?'

Some sweet bloggin gals, Kristen and Rebecca are growing their families as well. Let's give them warm wishes and sweet thoughts....soon everyone will be asking them 'may I hold your baby?'.

For more info about them and the wonderful online baby shower click on the button below :)


The Trike

I just found these shots! I LOVE it when that happens :)

A few weeks ago, we went out and got Mia her first trike. She was soooo excited once we got it home, but then so NOT when she realized that Daddy had to assemble it. She was pretty patient and I was proud of Daryl for following the instructions...his baby's safety was at stake and he was taking his job very seriously.

After quite a while, it was ready to GO! Mia tried it in the house while her daddy was putting on his shoes.

Once we all got outside, much to my husbands chagrin, Mia was distracted by the neighbor's cat....for a LONG time. He patiently watched her play. What a fab daddy!

Then he and the trike were up. Mia struggled, but her daddy was right there with every turn of her pedals.

more trike delays due to kitty drama

then she found that she could pedal so much easier barefoot, and got on the road again.


Old Pecan Street Festival - Fall '08

Since Daryl and Mia are hanging in Port O'Connor with his awesome parents, I went to the Old Pecan Street Festival solo. Have to admit that it was nice just walking around, checking stuff out and taking shots all by myself. I missed them a lot, though. We went together last year. When I went by the booth were Mia got her first airbrush tattoo...ahhhh all the beer stands reminded me of my sweet husband...who is probably having share of beer while fishing with his dad at this very moment :)

For all our previous Port O'Connor (POC) moments go here.

Another perk about today, is that Melody at Slurping Life is hosting SOOC Saturday. SOOC= Straight Out Of the Camera...no editing, no processing. FREEDOM! Seriously, it's super fab really thinking about the shot knowing that there's no editing allowed post-snap. Head on over for more SOOC shots.

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