big day for the birthday girl

the night before her birthday, Mia helped me bake up some yummy vegan gluten free cupcakes....the eggs and gluten were missing, but not the moist chocolate flavor! we were going to take them to school the next day. Mia spent extra time making sure each friend had a cupcake, then she concentrated on licking the spatula and beaters...a HUGE plus for vegan baking...no salmonella ;)

i had fun covering her birthday breakfast cupcake with bananas, strawberries and a touch of whipped cream. Mia had fun eating it!

after school, we hit Snip-its. Mia was well over due for a haircut. her fave stylist, Britny, wasn't there, but her mama was! Ms. Lisa hooked Mia up with a super cute cute, birthday braids, ribbons, gems and glitter! then we hopped over to Dr. Harry's for her birthday adjustment. Mia had been falling a lot lately...a good adjustment always sets her straight ;)

then we met up with Daddy at Chuck E Cheese's for a birthday dinner. Mia wanted her friend, Izzy to join us. we had a wonderful time watching the girls run off with tokens...they were very into getting tickets. the carousel was a big hit, too. Courtney sweetly took our family photos while Mia blew out her candle. one of the funnies thing i've ever seen was how lil Emmy eats her pizza...she dips it in cupcake icing first. my point n shoot wasn't fast enough to capture her in action, though. Mia had the best time and even got a big birthday hug from Chuck E!

at home, once we put Lily down to bed...she was beyond done...Mia opened up a few little gift we gave her....Daryl built her 'big gift'...her own personal sand box. one night last week, Mia asked for a night light like Lilly the mouse for her birthday. i love how something so small makes her so happy. 'MAMAAAAA!!!! DADDYYYYYYY a NIGHTLIGHT!!! just like Lily the MOUUUUUUSE!!!!'

♥ Hope you had a wonderful birthday, sweet Snapper ♥

♥ we love you so very much ♥


another fab Mia photo

since birthdays around here end up being a week long birthdaypaloozafest, i'm adding another one of my faves from this past year.

Mia, at times you can be on shy side, and also incredibly fearless!


a year in the life of Mia...her third year

dearest snapper,

today, you turn FOUR years old! you're daddy and i just can't believe how lucky we are that we get you. you're smiles make our world spin. you love your hot chocolate with three...now four marshmallows, sunny eggs, chocolate cereal bars, mac n cheese n peas...and when we're on the way to a friends birthday party, you always want to know what kind of party will it be....a cupcake or cake party :) you lovingly feed your dog, Niles every morning and evening. you're working on replacing the toy to take from your sister with an equally valued toy. you never complain about delivering dirty diapers to the trash. you still look for coins to put in your piggy 'tank'. we love how you love school and your friends. you are loving, demonstrative and incredibly empathetic. you LOVE afternoon walks around the neighborhood...and if i make a 'scabenger' hunt out of them, even better. you love to smell any and every flower you pass. you and your daddy love to kick the soccer ball around, climb trees, play board games (candyland is still your favorite) and put puzzles together....he really loves when you snuggle in his lap and watch football together. oh, one of daddy's favorite things you say is 'my daddy'...as in 'my daddy, can you turn me upside down...' you still spend quite a bit of time out with your Nana and Pawpaw...following Pawpaw around, caring for the animals....when your work is done, you swing or play in the sand box for as long as possible. Nana loves when you help her make dinner....a fave spot for you is sitting on top of her kitchen island tasting all the fresh stuff that comes out of their garden. whenever you see an animal or baby, the first words that uncontrollably pop out of your mouth are 'may i pet your baby/dog/cat....' i love having you in the kitchen helping me cut mushrooms & calavasita, stirring and tasting, and licking every spoon you can. darling, you never have met a stranger and can strike up a conversation with anyone....and you do! you've taught me a lot about myself, too. i'm a better person for knowing you. we love you dearly and can't wait to see what this year brings.

all of our love,
mama, daddy....and your lily