less than a day

here is Anja with her newborn son, Arjun
i love them both more than i can say



hello there, teddy bear

This sweet shot came straight out of my cell phone camera, and I just love it to pieces. Pretty much EVERYTHING is new to Lily, so watching her 'meet' new things is always fun to watch.

Slurping Life


sweet dreams my heart

Dearest Lily,

Sometimes, at night, you have the hardest time letting go. You cry and wail like you're feelings or body have been so hurt. Only when you're exhausted...spent...do you let go. I don't feel your circadian rhythms are off. You fight sleep...just like your mama and your sister. We're so afraid we'll miss something.

Sleep is good. Sleep helps your body, mind & spirit recover from the day and get ready for the next. Sleep helps your body stay well and happy. Sleep helps you grow. Sleep helps you be happy and content when you're awake. So baby girl, let yourself restore and replenish.
Let go, and have sweet dreams my angel.


p.s. sleep long & sleep hard...like your daddy...but please don't snore ;)


Mia & her Chompers

Today Mia had a nice visit with the Dentist. Mia told her that she wanted to be a dentist and would be one when she was 7 because when she was 8 she'll be scuba diving with her mama & daddy :) Mia was AWESOME! x-rays...check, checking out and poking around in her mouth...check, flossing, brushing, polishing, flouriding...check. The only prob Mia had was trying not to talk with all that stuff in her mouth. She had a comment for everything...we just couldn't understand her :) She got all sorts of swag, too...new brush, paste, coupon for something..and a pink rubber dolphin as a prize. Then she didn't want to leave the office b/c their toys and books in the waiting room were so rad! Here's my girl sporting a fake smile and C.L.E.A.N. teeth!