The Bilibo

Mia received a Bilibo for her birthday this year. She likes to sit & rock in it...and to wear it on her back like a turtle. The other day, she was sittin' in it all cool and stuff, then all of a sudden she tipped over...it was not a graceful moment for this little girl, while she laughed...I could tell she was a little embarrassed by her sudden lack of control. She's the sweetest ever.

My Best Shot: that sweet little embarrassed look

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Nishan and family

Being 38 weeks pregnant, a large part of my memory and brain is just shot. That's why I was soooo glad when I received a reminder email from my friend Gayani: Nishan is now 3 months old. I was so honored to take his newborn shots. Last weekend, Gayani, Nick & Nishan again welcomed me into their home for a super amazing photo shoot of Nishan and fam.

He'd grown soooo much! I. Could. Not. Stop. Taking. Pictures....and ended up with 350! I know. I was totally out of control, but if you met this charismatic little boy, you'd understand! I narrowed them down quite a bit, and here are some of my faves.

p.s. Gayani, let me know when he turns 6 months old...k?


Taco Bandit

Pretty much every weekend, Sat or Sun, Daryl and Mia take off on their Taco Run to let mama sleep late...I usually get woken up as soon as they come back with Mia calling out, 'Mamaaaaaaa I've got a taco for youuuuuuuuu'. My usual order: 1 bean & egg taco, 1 potato & egg taco. Mia LOVES to set the table and grab the taco bag...she then passes out tacos to everyone...doesn't check who got what, just 'taco for Mia, taco for Mama, taco for Daddy'. Once Daddy gets all the tacos to their rightful owner, Mia asks for some 'spicy'...a dab of salsa to dip her taco in. In our home, we LOVE taco runs, and all the fun that comes from them.

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The Easter Bunny

Last week, I posted about our adventure with cascarones...this is about the Easter Bunny! "Mia, you better go to sleep, so the Easter Bunny can come'....she was out within a couple of minutes :)
When Mia woke up....she found a trail of jelly bean stuffed eggs going down the stairs and ending at a huge pink bean bag and a basket full of goodies! She was in AWE! Daryl and I really got a kick of her surprised look and how thrilled she was about everything the Easter Bunny had left for her....most of all the lil chocolate bunny...which she ate the ears off of first :) It was a toss up between the chocolate bunny and her lil wind up bunny.....but then back to the jelly beans. Her daddy sweetly held her chocolate bunny while she feasted on a couple of jelly beans. Then we all settled down, at 6am, to watch The Aristocats.

Mama helpin' a bunny out


Mia vs. Banana Nut Bread

I was upstairs, nesting :) I called down to Mia asking her if she'd like a snack. 'Noooo thank you'. Hmmmm? That did not sound like my daughter who's always ready for a snack. Then I heard 'I'm eating bread'...hmmmm the only bread we had was the loaf of banana nut bread with chocolate chips I'd baked and was on a rack cooling on the counter....in the corner. I asked her to bring the bread upstairs...here she came with the half devoured loaf! How did she reach it?!?! She still wanted more...until her tummy started hurting. Poor thing.

Mia was KO'd by the bread!

By unanimous vote:
Mia - 0
Banana Nut Bread - 1


Bluebonnets 2009

Golden Hour? Nope...3:30 on a sunny afternoon :)

There'd been a rain shortage when the bluebonnets needed a lot of it to help them grow...so, this year bluebonnets in the Austin area are scarce. There have been a couple of APB's out on some message boards I belong too...everyone in search of a nice fields of bluebonnets. Annual photos of our children in a patch of bluebonnets (the Texas state flower) is something most Texans strive to capture.

Our patch was small with short plants and not too vibrant flowers...but they were BLUEBONNETS so we stopped the car! The one thing I also love..are buttercups. I grew up with memories of picking them, swirling their centers on my cheeks...if there was pollen left over...then I'd gt a kiss. Not really sure from who :) Mia's taken to the buttercups to...that just warms my heart.


Greyson's Birthday Bash!

No! It did NOT rain on Greyson't big day!!! It was crisp and overcast...perfect for all the birthday fun...and pictures :) Melanie, Tim and Greyson had us all out to Central Market. It's one of the best places for a birthday party...plenty of room to run around, duck pond, two playscapes, yummy food, beer and a hot band! Mia's lil buddy has turned 3, and we had a freakin BLAST helping celebrate him and his special day. (you know, there are plenty more shots HERE) :)

The following two SUPER FAB shots were lovingly taken by Melanie...thank you! We needed a new family shot...and the one of Mia and my bump...perfect :)

Mia just saw this pic of Layla and her mising teeth....Mia was quite concerned about her friend.