This girl can party!

Happy Halloween Eve!

Mia does not know what to think of Jenny the little skunk

We had Little Gym today, and we were encouraged to wear costumes....I don't need much encouragement at all! There were only a few other kids dressed up, and I was the only Mama, but I was super cute in my bunny ears. Mia was a zebra, Jenny a little skunk, Lincoln a pirate and Kashev was a football player. Mia rather enjoyed prancing around, but didn't like when some kids tried to 'pet' the zebra :)

Sydney and Mia hanging around

Then off to a Mom's group Halloween party in Round Rock. There were oodles of kids all dressed up. A few mama's did, too. There was a Princess Leia with her little Yoda, Jodie was a devil woman and her little Cole, a pirate. Mari's Miranda was a turtle...the cutest thing ever because she's still crawling. She tried to attack Samantha the peacock, and Sam's little bro, Jack...Mickey Mouse, didn't care...he's 5 months old :) Melanie's little Damon was a super cute puppy. Mia kept saying 'Damon, Damon, Damon....puppy!' Jen's Ignacio was a little tiger, and there were ladybugs, fairies, pumpkins.... Mia had a lot of fun playing with her big kid friends. They all don't seem to care for the babies that much. We ate some yummy food and then came home for naptime. I hope Mia gets up soon, we have another party to hit at Auntie M and Gwen's pad :)

Turtle Miranda attacking Peacock Samantha!

Mia got up around 2:30...well, I nudged her up. She was not a fan of that until I told her we were going to see her Auntie M and Gwen. That perked her up. Back into her beeba outfit and we were out the door. We had a blast! We saw old and new friends, and all the kids looked so cute! I was still the bunny...ears and tail (Mia loved the tail). You know, I thought me being dressed up like an animal might have confused her, but no. It was like ' of course my mama is a bunny'. It didn't faze her at all. Here's the low down on the costume situation: Auntie M was a beautiful Gypsy, Gwen was the sweetest little fairy. Stephanie's older boy, Roarke, was a cowboy, and her little Cole was a horse. Too cute! Anjalika was a devil and her little Anika was the cutest little witch, Ashley's 5 1/2 month old Michael was The Flash :) Gabriel's Kanai was a chameleon, Karen's Alaira was a ballerina, Elsa's Connor was a football player and Amy's Cassidy was a doctor.

Melissa had great snacks and the funnest activities. There was a pumpkin hunt...just like an Easter egg hunt but switch the eggs for little pumpkins. Mia LOVED finding them, and Roarke enjoyed piling them into a wagon and pulling them around. Melissa read some great Halloween books...with Mia on her lap of course. She just backs her butt up to a lap and plops down. There were trick-or-treat bags to decorate with stickers and crayons. There were oodles of balls and toys around the yard. The swing was a big hit. It really was perfect. The weather couldn't have been better, and everyone had a wonderful time.


A little bee landed on Mia's pumpkin muffin which Mia was enthralled with. Another lesson of 'look with your eyes and don't touch'. He finally buzzed off, but Mia then thought a blueberry from her other muffin was a bee :)

Mia's little bee

Here's a link to more pics:

Mia's Halloween festivities

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