Lily 3.5 months

Oh Lily, how are you already 3 1/2 months old? You've already grown from a newborn to infant and on the way to baby. Teething has started early for you...just like your sister who cut her first tooth at 4 months. No teeth yet from you, but we're sure one will pop out soon. Until then, we'll just enjoy our drooling little girl who's fingers are always in her mouth!

A couple of days ago, you actually started scooting along on your back. You moved right on off your mat and today almost went under the sofa...glad you've got a big head :) You'd pretty much rather be anywhere but your tummy. You've thrown yourself over so violently, that you've scared yourself and made yourself cry.

Ahhh you and your sister already have fun relationship. Mia LOVES to pet you and is always in your face giving you kisses. I pretty much spend all day telling her to give you some space.

Your temper...my have you got a temper! You can be perfectly happy or even asleep and all of a sudden a loud shrieking alarm starts blaring..nope...it's just Lily :)


The Greatest Show on Earth!

I'm going to start off by saying I'm a SUCKER! When it comes to the circus, it happened twice. Last week, some friends of ours went to the circus...kind of a mama and daughter date. I thought it was a great idea. Since Lily's birth, Mia's gotten the palo, the shaft... Mia nor I have been to the circus...Perfect date! While purchasing the tix online, there was that 'best available seating' option. $$$ !!!! Here comes the first sucker moment. Well, I'd never been to the circus, so I had NO idea what tix went for...I though this was the norm. I called Daryl to see what he thought...he gave me the go-ahead.

Ok...so Sunday evening came and Mia and I drove towards the CIRCUS! I was soooo excited. Mia was mildly excited. Here comes the sucker part 2...as we were walking up, there was the 'come get your Program, Program, Program' chick. She said, 'with the purchase of a $14 program, it's your ticket to the preshow fun on the floor...meet the clowns, get up and personal with an elephant....' Well, I wanted us to have the full circus experience. One $14 program, please. We got in, and they were letting EVERYONE down there, program or not. Sucker, just stamp it on my forehead already!

We did have super fab seats in the FIRST row, all close and no one blocking the tots line of sight. I think Mia was more into her pretzel than meeting the sparkly lady or checking out the clowns or elephants :) Right when the show started, a clown ran up to us and gave us necklaces that had a 'back stage pass' sort of feel. For some reason we were Circus Celebrities! Ahhhh the $80 a ticket thang. Cool. We were close and got a necklace. Nope, that was NOT all. During the first half of the show, when the motorcycles dared to ride in a steel cage, we were escorted on the circus floor and on a tram thing and we were suddenly IN the circus. I was FLOORED and THRILLED. I think Mia just thought that this was everyone's circus experience :) A motorcycle dude gave me a high five...Yes, I am 10 years old! It was an amazing experience that I'll remember forever.

We returned to our seats to watch contortionist, tigers, elephants, clowns....Greatest Show on Earth, indeed! It was a super fabulous first date with my daughter. We experienced it together...mother and daughter..no baby, just us.



C & R having a blast in the little pool

Jenni & her Ray Bans

ADORE how Townsend looks bothered by me...I do always have my camera in his face!

my camera LOVES Layla

C and his gorgeous eyes

Mia the photographer...NEED to upload her shots!

Photo of Miss M taken by her lil bro C


Ballerina en pointe....sort of

Mia's been on a dance kick lately. We watched So You Think You Can Dance together, and she was blown away...dancing, in front of the tv, with the other dancers. She has several books on dancing that she loves to read. Then there's 12 Dancing Princesses Mia was turned on to by her pal, Izzy. When I signed her up for gymnastics again, she said, 'ok, can we know sign up for dancing class?' I looked into a few local programs and ended up picking ballet & tap combo at Round Rock Repertory. When we went to sign up, Mia was THRILLED to meet a 'real ballerina'! She starts the first Tues in Sept. You know I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, here are some shots playing with her ballerina from her jewelry box. I'm just glad it's as easy to fix as it was to take out. My fave shot was the last one where the ballerina isn't really en pointe...on her toes...more in between Mia's :)

Bonus shot: Nap time


The 286 Birthday!

We all got together in Dripping Springs last weekend to celebrate Memaw, Tom, Darlene and my birthdays! Tom guesstimated the total of our ages were about 286...so that's the candle number that went on the cake :)

It was a lovely birthday party, but it ended up pretty much a baby love fest. Darlene and Richard were up from San Antonio...Darlene has a way with babies. Janice and Warren were down from Lubbock...to say that Janice is in LOVE with Lily would be a HUGE understatement! Gwen and Mia both played 'Mama' to their baby dolls...and well, everyone loved on baby Lily.

the love fest begins with Aunt Janice and Lily

I'm in love with this shot that Daryl took!

such a treat to hang with Uncle Warren

Lovely Laura....Memaw

Mia literally pulling Lily's leg!

poor Lily...poor Gwen!

there...all better


Mia playing Mama

'I need to swaddle my baby so she'll be safe, warm and happy'

Darlene does love her pictures :)

The 286 cake!

'cake does NOT hurt my tummy'

My Mia is under there somewhere!
everybody needs an Unca Joe!

Nana & her girls...'riding their horses'
Mia teaching someone about Hook 'em Horns
Lily has found her hand and not letting it out of her sight
suckin on Aunt Janice's finger....hope it's hunger and not teething!

glass of wine, llama on foot and bunny eared Pawpaw...what else do you need?