my nose is now pierced & sparkly

i've been wanting to do this for a while, and actually tried a couple of weeks ago, but the place of choice was closed. finally, it worked out. i hooked up with my lovely friend Krista, and we hit Diablo Rojo...the Guadalupe location. Paul, the piercer, was FABULOUS! incredibly professional and kind. he said he felt it was an honor to participate in this rite of passage. i have tattoos and had other areas pierced, but they've been flesh, not cartilage, so i wasn't sure what to expect on the pain scale. i will say, that i was nervous, but oh so ready. after i picked my jewelry (a super small pink stone), Paul sterilized everything in the autoclave, cleaned up my nose, marked it and we were ready. i put my hands underneath me...not wanting to flail about (Krista got a shot of the marks my hands left on the table) and relaxed...did some deep breathing. there was pressure...a LOT of it...and some moderate pain, the surge of fabulous endorphins, then it was done! he popped my jewelry in, cleaned me up and there was my nose in all it's sparkly glory! i'll always cherish the experience, my dear friend, Krista, and Paul...piercer extraordinaire :)

*all the pics of me, Paul and some of the place were taken by Krista...and i am incredibly grateful!
Paul and Diablo Rojo Piercing Studio

getting my nose cleaned up & marked


i LOVE it!

self-portrait via cell phone minutes later


let's go fly a kite!

Austin, Texas has a kite festival every Spring. We've never been because we've heard it's a freakin ZOO! Too many peeps, kites...diving down and almost decapitating small children, long lines...blah blah blah. Well Sharon and I co-hosted an O'Mama kite festival one morning at a local park. Mia, Lily and I got there kinda early to put together Mia's super cool ladybug kite that she got from her Nana and Pawpaw for Valentine's Day. The wind was sporadic, but it was there! The kite was UP and Mia was THRILLED. She ran round with it, was disappointed when the wind died and the kite fell, but beyond thrilled again when her kite rose up into the air. She sang a little song (included in the video after all these pics). Lily had a fun time squealing and watching her sister...and eating some grass.

When all our friends go there, it got even better. It's super cute how they all wanted to stand next to each other and fly their kites...um, kites and their string need space, but I don't think any really got tangled. Along with Mia's ladybug, flew a crazy orange octopus, butterfly, fish and some super heroes. Jenni and kids has never flown before...the looks on their faces were priceless! They went that day to go buy their own kites...LOVE that!

After flying for a while, the kids hit the playscapes and snacks. It was a super fun morning, and a perfect day for kite flying with friends.

here's the video... her song at the end is the sweetest ever!


her little ways

There are somethings that are soooo Mia. Needing four mini marshmallows in her hot chocolate every morning...because she's four years old. Napping with her mama on days she's not in school and always stealing her mama's pillow :) Having to climb up and jump into the tub. When her hoodie is on, it must be zipped up. Every school morning, while I'm getting Lily into the car, Mia runs around a tree over and over again until she's breathing hard. She stops and says, 'I've run around my tree. Now I'm ready for school'. We LOVE her little ways.


Fishin down in POC

We spent last weekend in Port O'Connor....FISHING!!!!! While I am usually the most badass fisher woman EVERRRR....this trip, i didn't score at all. Remind me to NOT fish with my BIL, Joe, everrrr again! He caught up all the reds before we got there!
Traveling 3 hrs with two small kids is rarely fun, but Lily slept almost the whole way and Mia chatted us up telling us the silliest jokes a 4 yr old could make up. When we got to Nana and Pawpaw's beach house, Pawpaw, Uncle Joe and Vinny were already on the water (catching ALL the fish). I hung out on the balcony with a beer in one hand and my camera in the other. Nana blew bubbles while Mia and Lily tried to pop them. Lily was actually just totally mesmerized by her big sis cavorting around like a crazy girl.

Mia doing her 'i've got to move it, move it' dance

Lily finally got her Pawpaw

ohhh that creepy Nana!

Uncle Joe showing off a pic of his big fish...to anyone....

....and everyone!

Pawpaw found a new shirt...um, that's was Auntie M's sleep shirt

my new fave pic of me and my man (taken by Joe)

UGH! the ONLY shot i got of Vinny fishing!!

after a Saturday morning of catching not a single fish, we decided to head back in for lunch...Pawpaw, daddy and I took Mia out for a spin and some fishing...she got lucky in the slip.FIVE piggy perch...um, that's one MORE than Joe had caught...I made sure Mia rubbed it in a little ;)

Nana sugar

Lily helps her Uncle Joe deflate the air mattress

here's Vinny!

He took all our $$ on Sat night...Poker.

Nana hooked Mia up with a new Cinderella toy :)

Vinny hooked Mia up with a couple of oranges...fundamental fun on the drive home

but wait! there's video!