uh oh spaghetti-o!

suckin on her baby's paci
huggin on her Rockies bear from Ita
Blake & Mia
Juliet & Blake
Hangin with the dino

With some help from her Dada, Mia walked around in my slippers. She was much more successful on the smooth surface in the kitchen. She's been VERY into shoes lately. Yesterday, she wanted to wear her pink Uggs. She had them on the entire time Joe, Melissa and Gwen were over....in the sandbox, and everything :) Since they were in Rockwall last weekend celebrating Gwen's first birthday, they missed Daryl's birthday festivities. So, we had them over for lunch. They gave Daryl an awesome set of the Lord of the Rings trilogy...in hardback :) Daryl is going to start reading them to Mia every night while she's in her bath. Melissa and I had a very nice visit while the guys talked about guy stuff and the kids played. Well, Gwen played, and Mia tried to take everything away from her. I think it may be time for another playdate, so she can work on her sharing skills.

Mia usually wakes up after a good night sleep, very happy and content. Today was not an exception. I think one of the best ways to wake up in the morning is by listening to Mia's little groans that turn into her sweet little voice. She likes to wake up nice and slow, play a bit, then she calls for me or Dada when she's ready. This morning she kept saying 'uh oh spaghetti-o'. She got that from my mom last week. Ita says 'uh-oh spaghetti-o', Nana says 'woo who' and Paw Paw still says 'YES'. It was so cute listening to her this morning, I had to get it on video so you could hear her talking. She was saying it a bunch, until I actually found the camera and started recording, so I think I only got her saying it once...you have to really listen :)

We met up with some friends at an awesome new-to us park this morning. The park had a huge Little Tykes playscape, that was just PERFECT for the kids. It's not too far away, I think it may be our new favorite. I hung out with the mamas, and one daddy. Carrie, a new mama to the group brought her husband ( I forgot his name0 and their 5 1/2 month old son. They just moved down from Vermont. Juliet and Amy were the other 2 mamas. We were hoping Cheng Chen and Melissa would be there, but Phoebe was sick and Melissa had other plans. Mia played well with Blake and Livie, she hardly noticed the baby, but did give him a little stuffed Halloween dog that Juliet had given Mia. Juliet brought little Halloween bags for the kids :)


uh oh spaghetti-o:

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