Snow Day 2010!!!

We live in Austin, Tx...known for The University of Texas (Hook 'em!), Whole Foods, SXSW, ACL, Dell...and soooo much more. What we are NOT known for is SNOW! Last week it snowed for a whole day! Mia said...'mama, i decided to stay home from school today...to make a snowman'. 'nuff said. We got what winter gear we had on and played in the snow. Even Lily dug it...once she was up off of it and in her swing. Daddy got home early and had a nice snowball fight with Mia. I sure am glad Mia decided to stay home :)

(the following 11 shots were taken w/ my phone)
Mia telling Lily all about snow

Snow Mia & Snow Lily

Mia bowling...knocking the snowpeeps over

( ahhh the rest are taken with my dslr)

Daddy came home early!!!

Lily kept trying to make a break for outside...i stuck her in an ottoman ;)

it worked for a little bit

There's video, too!


in the loft

LOVING all this play between the girls. THIS is what we've been waiting for...I know Mia has.

Mia coaxes little sis with a balloon

it works!

what a tease!

a tease who can share, too :) Mia reminds me of a little kitten itching to play
hello. yes. i am aware that i'm about to eat my snot. what?
mom, feel free to put the camera down....really
my how her smile melts my heart!
more meeeeeelting
i just love this simple happy shot
THIS is my daddy's knee
and i'm totally devoted to it!
i. will. not. be. stopped.
see :)
flirty girl
ride 'em daddy! give the baby a squeeze, too! he so loves his girls!



when Lily gets up in the morning or from a nap, she is ready. ready to PLAY! it starts with peek-a-boo around her bedroom door...

and it keeps going downstairs with her choice of toys...she plays!

it usually ends with Lily stalking her daddy...ahhh full circle because they end the day with peek-a-boo!

sometimes, Mia finds it hard when the play isn't centered around her...she'll roll with it, or demand some time all to herself. either way, there is much much much play! it fills the house with there fabulous giggles and laughter...i can hear it in the photos.


talkin' bout my girls

they play! they play TOGETHER!!!!! there's something so sweet about two little sisters playing together...ok, it's more parallel play, but they're totally interacting with each other. Mia shakes, jumps, peek-a-boo's her little heart out to get her little Lily to laugh. Lily will crawl right on top of Mia, if she's let her. they are in love with each other...as long as Lily doesn't get one of Mia's coveted toys or get in her space..."mamaaaaaa, Lily is in my spaaaaaaaace!!!!" Lily is as happy as a clam until Mia pushes her off. they're learning how to work it out, but in the mean time...yes, there is a lot of lovely playing going on :)

Lily had fun exploring her diaper box & it's contents

the train table has become quite the hit lately

i ADORE how Mia used her tiara to wrangle her dinosaur!

Lily had a super fab time teething on her sisters Curly Q Cutie...until Mia ripped it away and hid it in her room...for the record, Lily has her own that she equally covets ;)

Lily now has FOUR teef and is working on another as you can see

baby loves her some cords and cables...it's hard holding her back

Lily often puts something between her teeth and takes it to-go

Mia found a blank page in my journal to draw some of her fave characters

these two shots make me smile...so precious she is