Happy Birthday, Gwen!

Birthday Girl

Mia didn't want to nap today. I guess it's because she had absolutely no reason to nap. She woke up around 9:15 and we were out the door by 9:30 for Little Gym. The class is at full capacity, so it was very full and Mia doesn't do well when people get all up in her space. She wanted to go, go, go! We ended up sitting on a mat and hanging out with friends till it was bubble and ball time. We had plans to go to a fun 'chalk the block' playdate where all the kids get sidewalk chalk and go to town. I was wrong about which park it was at, but I knew the general area. Mia and I ended up driving around for almost an hour looking for it, then we gave up and went home. Mia seemed a little cranky, so I put her down for her nap. She ended up talking quietly to herself for about an hour, and then was ready to get up. Well, an hour of 'quiet time' is better than nothing.
Birthday party fun

Little Gwen was celebrating her first birthday with some friends and we were invited, so we got to hang out with the birthday girl (she had the sweetest little skirt on), Phoebe and Anika...and their mamas. Melissa got a delicious birthday cake from whole foods. We nearly ate the whole thing. Then we went into a little sugar shock :) Mia was ready for her nap, so we left after about an hour.
Mia sucking on the flamingo's beak (Phoebe seems concerned)

She did end up sleeping for about 45 min, and woke up crying. Poor thing finally cut the first of her last two molars. She was not in a good mood. We were invited to Jillian and Kayli's house around the corner to try out Kayli's new ball pit. I thought the distraction would help Mia out. So, we walked over barefoot with sippy cup in hang...it's nice traveling light. Mia was still sniffling a little when we got to the door, but when we were welcomed in, Kayli excitedly and loudly squealed and crawled quickly all the way across the floor towards Mia. It scared the crap out of her. She wanted UP and started crying all over again. Jillian was sweet and tried a teething biscuit and put on Monster's Inc for the girls. Mia's never seen the movie, and was quite taken with it until Kayli got all up in her face and wanted to play with her friend. We cut our losses and headed home. The girls were nice and walked us home. We're going to try again Thursday. Tomorrow, I have enough planned to wear this girl out :)
Gwen's yummy Happy Birthday cake

Poor Daryl came home not feeling well again. He couched and slept most of the evening and went to bed right after we put Mia to bed. Poor honey.

Mia diggin' he Elmo sticker party favor

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