Our Snapper the fish

taking Eebee for a stroller ride

Miss Chantal, Mia swim instructor wasn't in class today, and for some reason Mia did not like the sub. I thought she was really awesome letting me know that she'd stay away from Mia, so she'd be comfy, but that she'd still keep an eye on her. We went through the different stations. Mia sure can 'monkey walk'...shuffling her hands to go across the wall. Mia also really enjoyed jumping in and swimming. I think my frog and starfish hats were hits.

Getting ready for the day with her Ita

Then we lunched and shopped. Now, the Snapper and her Ita (another name change. Guelita will now be known as 'Ita'... that's what Mia calls her) are taking their siestas and I must get to work.

the swimmer has left the building

Mia got some new super cute green clogs that she calls boots. The girl likes her shoes.
Green shoes:

Swim class (Warning: It's mighty long):

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