where did the day go?

where did the day go? Ask Mia that, and she'll start looking around the room for it :)

Mia and I shared a shower this morning, and she looked so cute in a big, fluffy towel I had to grab my camera. It was a full house at Music Together class this morning, songs this week were very up beat and had different tempos...things that rile kids up. There were kids running everywhere and in every direction. Mia was pretty overstimulated, especially the last 15 minutes. After class, I talked with out instructor, Jephta, to see if any of the other classes she teaches are smaller. Nope. She's pretty popular. After next week, we're changing tunes again, and she said they'd be a little more mellow. Where did the chants go? After class, we grabbed some take-out and headed for Daddy's office. We also brought along some cookies. I was in the mood to bake last night, but I just can't have the cookies around the house! Everyone at the office got to deal with them :) Lunch with Dada, then off to nap. We woke up in time to hop over to a playdate (I brought some cookies ...must get them out of the house!) at Lachelle, Danny & Austin's house. We'd never met them, and I was a little nervous, because they are a little older. Danny just turned 4. The boys were great and we had a wonderful time. Auntie M and Gwen were there. Gwen was all wet from playing with her new sippy cup. She was pretty happy about it. I meet some new mama's, too. It was just a very nice playdate where chat flowed easily and the kids had fun. Lachelle had an inflatable jumper set up in their backyard. Mia was hesitant about jumping with the crazy rough n tumble boys, but had a lovely time standing/jumping with her 15 month old pal, Lucy. Their swing set wasn't the common wooden one, it was the metal kind with a tandem swing, 2 big kid swings, a slide and a hangy thing that resembled rings. Mia enjoyed the tandem swing, right up until she was joined by her friend Sarah. Not into the tandem thing. Mia then requested to be put on the big kid swing! I warned her about holding on tight so she wouldn't get an owie. She was on long enough for me to get a pic, but then she wanted off, off, off! After 2 hours of fun, we were ready to go. We still had some unfinished business at the library, so off we went. Mia really enjoys running. It's her new thing. As soon as she hits a sidewalk, off she goes :) So, she ran into the library, played with beads, snuggled on the sofa and listened to her mama read a couple of books. We paid our $1.50 fine, checked out another 8 books and took off towards home to meet up with Daddy, who got home early...a little after 5, but that's way early for him.

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