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I think I did a pretty good job packing for the four(I'm including Niles)of us when we went down to my moms for Thanksgiving. The ONLY thing I forgot while re-packing for our trip back home was the battery charger for my camera. I've been without my camera for the whole week, and it's been killing me!!!! We've been to several playdates, had silly fun with the wii...oh how I could have captured the moment after Daryl asked me if I wanted to play a game, but I couldn't because I had so much work to catch up on, so from upstairs I hear him telling Mia, 'ok, Mia, hold the controller like this....' I've also had to rely on the pics of others. I'm so fortunate that there are a few moms out there that feel as compelled to snap at cute things as much as I do. The big news of today...well, MY news, was that my sweet mom shipped my charger to me, and I got it today!!!! The battery is charging as we speak. Ahhh, I can exhale and relax now. Thanks mom! :)
Monday, we were scheduled to hang out at a park with friends, but Melissa moved it to her house because it had been wet the day before. So, we had a silly fun time over there with our friends. I caught a few snaps (my battery wasn't dead then) of all the kids playing. A funny moment was when Blake wanted to come inside, but the girls weren't sure if he should come in. Looks like the 'boys not allowed' sign may be coming up soon :) I've posted some pic on our bubbleshare account...you'll find the link below.
It amazes me how much these kids are getting away from parallel play, and really interacting with each other. Mia chased Livie around the kitchen island, there was some silly tickle time between Livie and Mia... they are all noticing each other and seeking out their friends to play with. It's so nice to sit back and watch.
That night there was another MNO at The Melting Pot. We had a wonderful time chatting, eating, drinking, and laughing, laughing, laughing. This was Melissa's first time out at night by herself without Gwen, so it was an extra special night.
On Tuesday we met up with some friends at the Brush Creek park for a Leaf Hunt. The kids started off by playing on the playscape, took a break for a snack, and then we all hit the trail in search of different leaves.
Mia was very interested in the rocks and pebbles, the leaves...not so much. We did end up at the pond on the little dock enjoying the ducks, but kicking ourselves for not bringing some bread so the kids could get a better look. It was such a beautiful day, and we took advantage of it.
At least a couple of afternoons a week, after their naps, Mia and Kayli hang out. It's so convenient having a friend right around the corner. The girls get along better and better each time. Kayli, when she first sees Mia, runs toward her squealing...that does not sit well with Mia, but yesterday, Mia smiled back and gave her a big hug. Kayli also has two cats that sometimes let Mia play with them. Mia hearts cats :)

Are we just on Wednesday?!?! After spending a wonderful hour singing, playing and making music at Heartsong, we hopped over to Juliet and Blake's for a playdate. The usually characters were there, and also Sarah and her sweet Gwyneth who we hadn't seen since our lunch at ikea forever ago. Gwyneth will be 1 year old in a couple of weeks and is trying her hardest to walk. When they first joined the group, Gwyneth was just around 7 months old, and was the baby of the group. So it's super cool watching her cruise around. I was able to commandeer Juliet's camera, so many pics were taken, but she hasn't posted them yet. I'll add them to the playdate album when I get them.

Today is Thursday and we started it off with swimming lessons. Mia is a fish. There. It's been said :) We're transitioning her for her next class, so she does all her 'swims' with Miss Chantal, and goes through the stations with me. Mia now digs her flippers and even lets me put the floating dumbbells under her arms...she used to HATE them. Today, they had little kick boards out, and Mia hung out on them stopping only to switch to a different color. She's gone up to swimming for 10 seconds under water all by herself. Please keep in mind they count seconds tho good ole one one thousand, two one thousand...way!

Then a lunch of a yummy grilled cheese and we hit the library. Mia met two 4 year old boys that tolerated her quite well :) She's now taking her nap, and I'm off to do some work.

playdate pics here (scroll until you get to Blake peeking through very colorful plush rings. That's the starting pic and I've added the leaf playdate pics after those)

MNO pics they start after the poker pics :)

I forgot to post this clip of Mia & Ita's Tea Party:

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