like a diamond in the sky

We were stuck at home today...due to my sour mood. I think it's hormonal, and have an appt for next week to check it out. The problem with not having enough energy to go out is that I have to muster up some energy to entertain the snapper :) Daryl's been amazing with me, and Mia has also, so that helps a lot.

I finally got Mia's diamond on tape. Along with her calling the body cast from when I was pregnant a TURTLE!!! Then off to make some bubbles. We got this cool bubble blower a while back...when Mia's Memaw got hers from Walmart. Well, ours blows a huge bubble with a whole bunch of little ones inside. It's super cool, and both Mia and Niles love it! Ok, I do, too :) After some technical difficulties, I got it to work. It was louder than Mia had expected, but once she got used to it, she laid down on the floor and let the bubbles float down and pop on her :)

Diamonds & Turtles:

Crazy Bubbles:

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