egg, bagel and a side of eebee

Last night, I cooked up some corn on the cob. I wanted to show Mia that there was corn under all that husk, so I let her watch me prep it.... um, BIG mistake! She saw the corn and wanted it right then. She didn't understand that the corn was raw, and needed to be cooked, and she really didn't understand why her mama would show her something that she loves and then not give it to her. It was wrong all over the place. I distracted her long enough to get the corn going. Later, after it had cooled, I gave her the whole cob. We normally just slice it off the cob for her, but we wanted to see what she'd do with it. If you ever want a nice leisurely dinner, maybe play a little cards, give your kid corn on the cob. She loved it (even tried the husk), and it entertained her for a very long time.
This morning, I noticed our neighbors' sprinkler had broken and was spewing water all over the place. As we walked over to his house to let him know, I noticed just how 'big kid' Mia is looking and had to take a snap.
Mia's been into pretending lately. She pretends to eat off her little dishes, sips out of her cups, dresses up her eebee in shoes, and requested eebee wear a diaper. Then, when he was all ready, she took him for a little stroll.
having some corn with her silly Dada:

egg, bagel and a side of eebee:

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