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bundled up to go check the mail
While Mia was napping yesterday, I came across an ad for the 'perfect Christmas gift'...a Disney Princess tent. Well, I marched up stairs to the linen closet and grabbed a sheet, draped it over Mia's slide, playhouse and the back of a chair. Presto! A Tent!....for FREE :) When Mia woke up from her nap, we played in her new 'tunnel'. Later that evening, Daryl came into our bedroom, passed the tent area, and said 'great fort'. I didn't know what he meant... fort? like Legos? a pic from the Celtic Fest? Ohhhhhh, the TENT! Boys apparently call them 'forts' and Mia's call them 'tunnels' :) Last night Mia got her Dada all to herself, while I had a MNO (Mama's Night Out) with some friends at Baby A's. There were about 8 of us, and we had a great time. Poor Mia and Daryl had their night cut short because Mia went to bed 15 min after I left. Growth Spurt!...she's slightly tilted to the left and a little tipsy because of it, but it's a pretty minor tilts as far as tilts go. Daryl was able to relax and have some time to himself for a couple of hours. We had a fun time at our Music Together class this morning. Jephta's daughter was sick last week with the Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, so she had canceled class. We ended up at the very cool Round Rock Fall Festival, so all was good. Her daughter is all better, so we're back to singing our favorites, so we had fun 'shakin' those simmons down'.
Then off to the park for a playdate with our pals Juliet & Blake, Amy & Livie, and Cheng Chen & Phoebe. Poor Phoebe was sick with the flu last week and was unable to make it to the park playdate, so we had another one this week at the same cool park. the weather was great, the kids had a great time exploring and playing, and the mamas had fun chatting and watching the kids play. I was a shutterbug, so I got some super great shots.
Playdate pics:

Happy Feet:

Super Cool Tent:

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