La Morita Ranch

Friday morning, Daryl and I again had the pleasure of sleeping in. When we finally were able to get downstairs, a breakfast tea party was in full force! Mom had brought out both Mia's Peter Rabbit tea set and picnic set. Along with their tea, they were enjoying some yummy Cheerios :)
Then we drove out and spent the whole day at my Aunt Penny and Uncle Joe's ranch in Star County. It's a working 1,800 acre ranch with I forgot how many head of Beefmaster cattle We hadn't been since last Christmas, and one huge difference was that we were their only company today...last Christmas, the house was FULL of family. So, we were able to relax and hang out.
They have two large ranch dogs that help work the cattle, but quite a few little chiuaua dogs that were just as interested in Mia as she was in them. After being greeted by all the dogs and a couple of cats, it was hard getting Mia into the house. It was drizzling, so we couldn't stay out long. Once inside, we gave our hugs and kisses to Aunt Penny and Uncle Joe. The guys hung out around the TV watching the UT/A&M game. Daryl is a huge UT fan, and Uncle Joe, well, is an Aggie. So, Daryl sat in a room with burgundy curtains, and a pool table with burgundy felt...similar to Tom's UT burnt orange table :)

Mia was mesmerized by all of the Christmas decorations Aunt Penny had already put up. She had a tree in every room decorated in different themes. In the dinning room was 'Christmas around the world', in the downstairs guest bedroom, there was the candy Santa with a candy tree, and the dresser was decked out in gingerbread houses and gingerbread men, in the front living room was the cowboy Santa, in the second living room was Santa's workshop, and teddy bear emporium. Aunt Penny had all her little Christmas books out.

After some exploring, Mia and I settled into the gingerbread room for a nap. She was a little keyed up from all the exciting things, so I rubbed her back and gently shhhhhhed her while she was lovingly touching my face and hair. When I thought she was asleep, I turned over to settle in for my nap when I felt Mia's tiny hand on my back...she rubbed and shhhhhed ME gently to sleep :) At some point, she also fell asleep. It was such a sweet moment. We hadn't napped together since she was a little nursling.
Once we were up and around, Aunt Penny, Mia and I bundled up and headed outside. It wasn't drizzling anymore, but it still was chilly. All those little dogs were around Mia and she just loved it. We met Dumbo the little 4 month old puppy with the biggest ears. Then out to check on Mama Thumbelina and her 3 little 4 week old pups. We have dibs on the fuzzy, one, but Daryl probably won't think it would be a good idea. Then on the the chicken coop to see their chickens. Some of the teenage cattle were in one of the front pens, so Mia was able to visit with them for a bit. She also found some of the JMJ cattle brands, and had a good ole time making marks in the dirt. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed all those dogs the best.

When we got back into the house, Mia couldn't find her Ita. She wandered from room to room calling out for her Ita. We found her napping upstairs. Mia decided it was time for her Ita to wake up and play with some of Aunt Penny's hats. Well, the Aggies won :( Soon after it was time to pack up and give our hugs and kisses and love yous. Mia was so worn out, she barely made it through a delicious brisket and mashed potato dinner and her bath before she went out like a light.

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