Nana & Paw Paw came by yesterday to wisk the snapper away for a fun-filled weekend in Dripping Springs. Now, I had the day planned out. Spend the whole morning hanging with my best girl having fun around the house, just the two of us...no classes, no playdates, no errands... have a nice lunch together, after her nap, we'd snuggle and read books until her Nana & Paw Paw came by at 3. Well, we did have a very nice morning together, then all of a sudden, she looked at me and said 'nite, nite'.

So, I tucked her into bed for her nap. Just before she woke up, Nana & Paw Paw arrived at the agreed upon time....not too early, but they were in a rush because traffic was bad...Friday before Thanksgiving, people were already on the road. So, I got the snapper ready, and brought her downstairs. She was so THRILLED to she them waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs, and before I knew it, instructions were given, she was snug in her car seat with juice and a snack, and then she was waving goodbye to me as they drove off.

Transition has always been hard for me, but I think her leaving for the weekend was a little harder this time...for me, not her :) That's what Daryl and I have always wanted. Ever since she was a baby, we handed her off to everyone in hopes that she'd be confident and comfortable with different people and in different situations. It also warms my heart to see how excited she gets and ready she is to hang out with all of her Grandparents. I think this is something that I need to learn: Make plans, but expect surprises.

I know she's having a great time (Nana's letter is attached), but I sure do miss seeing the world through her bright eyes.

Sent: Fri 11/16/2007 9:57 PM
Subject: The Mia Saga

You have raised the most amazing, sweet girl!! Mia is such a treasure. She didn't really like the ride to Nana's and PawPaw's house. Thank goodness we had to stop at the store. She quite definitely wanted an apple, so we bought about 20 of them. No worries - MiMaw will eat the ones Mia doesn't want. She loved the ride in the car shopping cart. She was turning that steering wheel like a race car driver.
It's been awhile since she's seen us, but she was so sweet - she played with me for the rest of the ride home and we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat until we were hoarse. If we stopped, she wanted OUT NOW. But we made it home, where the dogs and the chickens made her totally forget she wasn't happy in the car. Oh, and we got some good, Grandparent crap food (well, not SO bad) baby fruit candy with the sugar from grape juice that she absolutely refused to share and stuffed in her mouth like she's been hanging around Unca Joe too much!!!!
She ran to MiMaw and gave her the biggest hug and kiss when she got into the house. She didn't really remember Aunt Janice, but warmed up rapidly to her (don't we all?) PawPaw and Janice colored and colored and colored. And Nana put on the Elmo computer game and the Eebee song, so Mia was a VERY happy camper. Aunt Janice made her world famous chicken soup (with bean beans, corn, and carrots) and Mia put away a world champion amount. Then it was on to swimming (in the bathtub), stories in Nana's lap, hugs with MiMaw and Aunt Janice, wrapping herself around PawPaws little finger, and in general just being so sweet!! At 8:15 (way too early) she looked at us and said MILK and Nite Nite. Sure enough, a warm sippy cup of milk and her little poodle and she was out like a light. I just don't know if it gets better than that!!
At the moment, she is out cold - sharing a room with Aunt Janice, who has been schooled in how to fix the milk sippy cup should Miss Mia wake during the night. Coupled with the baby monitor, I'm not sure Mia could more than turn over before we would be at her side.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share some special time with Mia. She is such a joy!!

The proudest Nana in the world. (Yep - that's me!)

Sent: Sat 11/17/2007 12:32 PM
Subject: Mia Saga Part Deux

Mia had such a busy morning. After sleeping all night, she sat up at 7:30 this morning in Janice's room and said "Hello". Janice was asleep and didn't answer, but PawPaw heard her on the monitor and got her up. She had an omlette with peppers and cheese and some toast for breakfast. Then it was time to start the day. PawPaw had already gotten her diaper changed and she was dressed! Who knew he'd remember how to do that?

We started the morning with a 45 minute bout of swinging. Mia LOVED it. The dogs weren't as happy because they kept trying to catch her and she would bowl them over. Too funny. But a kitty came along next door which probably saved the dogs a lot of pain and bother and gave them something to catch besides Mia. After swinging, Mia put sticks and grass in the pond and laid on her tummy to ponder where the fish and frogs were while PawPaw did some minor pond repair. Then it was time for a long walk all the way around the property. The grass is so tall in the back, but Tom had mowed us a walking path. Mia thought she was going through the longest tunnel!

Back to the house, and time for back yard playing with Aunt Janice. Mia played with her slide, hugged the dogs, chased the kitty (it's a stray but seems to want to be around us!) swatted flies, laughed and crawled. Off to lunch (more of Aunt Janice's wonderful soup) and then Mia said Nite Nite. Yep - sure enough she fell sound asleep instantly. More to follow.....

Love you!

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