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Yesterday, at the park, Mia was NOT happy sporting the post-slide-static dandelion look.

Last night I hosted a Mom's Night Out Poker Party. Stephanie, Bonnie, and Geni came and were ready to play, so we had a great game. Mia went out for dinner with her Dada, then had a snuggle and a kiss from me, then off to bed. Geni would have had and amazing hand if it wasn't for that 'silly red four', and I think we all said 'is it me?' when we weren't sure if it was our turn, but everyone else knew it was, and the best was 'I'm not the dealer, am I?' We laughed, ate and drank. It really was a great time, and I've been requested to host it on a monthly basis :)

We had swim class this morning. Now, since Mia's been promoted to the next level next session, I was wondering how she'd do with the transition from me being in the pool with her to me hanging out on the other side of the glass with the other mamas of big kids. Miss Chantal thought it would be good to start transitioning her now, so she pulled Mia in and Mia swam to her instead of me, and Mia was great about it. She swam her 8 seconds underwater, came up into Miss Chantal's arms, had a big smile on her face, gave Miss Chantal a huge high five and started laughing. Apparently the only one that may have a hard time transitioning is ME! :)
Juliet and Blake opened up their home for a playdate this morning. Mia was so happy to see her friends Blake, Phoebe and Gwen again. She's been to Blake's a few times, so she felt very comfortable. She tried dried mango (thanks Cheng) for the first time and LOVED i! Mia stuffed her cheeks like a chipmunk with them. She also tried a juice box for the first time, and in case you're wondering what happens when you squeeze them....juice flies all over the place. So, we had our first juice box clean up, too :) Mia and Blake had a blast banging on the trash can like rock 'n rollers. Phoebe's grandma made everyone in their family beanie caps for the cold weather, but Phoebe didn't really care for hers, so Cheng put it on Mia. Well, we all know how much that one LOVES hats. So she wore it for a while and was very content. Once Mia got a little tired, she started getting a little pushy so we bid farewell and headed for home.
On our way home, we stopped off at our mailbox, and found two Thanksgiving cards from Unca Joe, Auntie M and little Gwen. Mia liked the turkey and said that the turkey says 'gobble gobble'. She was also quite fond of the Cookie Monster :)

Wee drummers:

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