I think we're alone now

What we've been up to since we've been snapperless:

Friday: I went and got a bang cut with Corrine the hair goddess at JR Salon, then went up to GCS to hang with Daryl and take him out to dinner. After some pasta and wine, we were so exhausted from the week, we went home, curled up on the sofa and watched Knocked Up.

Saturday: we started the day of right with pan dulce (marranito & empanada de calavasa) and migas for me and huevos rancheros for Daryl at this very awesome hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Then off to ikea in search of a toddler bed for Mia. She showing small signs of being ready to make the jump from her crib to big girl bed. She'll come up and tell me when she's ready for nite nite or start going up the stairs saying nite nite. We're going to keep her in her crib, but have the other bed all set up in her room for her to check out and use when she wants to. Tom was going to make the side rails to turn her crib into a toddler bed, but we want to leave it intact so she won't feel pressured, and we'll need the crib for our next little one, then use the side rail option. He's a great Paw Paw!

So, we found a cute bed at ikea, and Daryl put the bed together while I went back to the JR Salon for my color work. It was nice to have a few hours out and about all alone :) Then we were reunited. We had hopes of hitting a burlesque show at the Alamo Draft House, but it was sold out, so we went and saw Dan in Real Life. It was cute and funny. Ya know, I like to eat things that are pretty spicy, but when I'm at the Draft House, I am drawn to their Enter the Dragon pizza . It's hot, hot, hot! With green peppers, jalapenos, spicy sausage, black olives and crushed red pepper. It makes my heart race and my nose run....hot and oh, so yummy! p.s. don't touch your eyes after handling this pizza :)

Today: I'm sitting here drinking my chai, then it's off to finish Mia room, hit Lenscrafters so they can tweak Daryl's glasses, then on to Dripping Springs to see our SNAPPER!!!!...and everyone else, too :)

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