Daddy- Daughter Time

Yesterday, at swim class, Mia was promoted to the next level! Next session, she'll go from being a 'water baby' to being an 'aqua baby'! What's the difference? Well, The class will be smaller. From 5 kids to 1 teacher ratio, it'll be at the very max 4 kids to 2 teachers, AND Mia will be in class without her mama! I'll be behind the glass all comfy on a chair with all the mamas of the other big kids :) The Snapper is movin' on up!

After class we met some mama friends at IKEA for lunch. Mia digs the meatballs, but it really bugs me that they won't sub the french fries for mac-n-cheese. So, I got the meatballs & mac-n-cheese and we shared. It was fun hanging out with everyone, and we met a new mama, Alex with her two kids, Ian and Chava. After lunch a a good chat, we all walked around and I actually didn't buy a single thing! My friend, Juliet talked me out of some stuffed toys for Mia, and I'm glad she did. We haven't been rotating our stock at home as much as we could.

Since Mia walked the whole time, she was ready for a nice long nap. I was able to get some work done for GCS and still have time to straighten up a little to prepare for the Girls Night In Poker Party. Daryl came home and helped me set up the table and chips. Mia helped me make guacamole, and helped ice some cupcakes. Then super dada took Mia out for dinner and over to Ready Set Play so I could hang with the girls. Amanda, Erin and Stephanie came over, and we had a blast playing, chatting, eating pizza and drinking champagne. Very Girls Poker :) When Mia and Daryl came home, Mia was very interested in playing...with my chips... and helped me through a hand, then off to bath and getting tucked in with Dada. It's great when they get some quality alone time.

Snapper the card shark

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