It begins...

...the butt bounce!

When it was time for bed last night, we laid Mia on her new big girl bed while Dada was putting on her jammie bottoms. We gave her her milk, poodle dog, covered her with her blankie, kissed her good night, turned on her music and walked right out of her room closing the door behind us. What followed? Not a peep. 30 minutes later, I went in to check on her. She was asleep on her bed. Right before Daryl and I went to bed, I went in to check on her again...the mattress we cot for her is too tall for the bed rail, so it was pretty much flush with her mattress. There she was with her little head laying on the rail, still sleeping, she tried to adjust herself, but kept resting her head on the rail. I scooted her over, and she was fine.

I had expected this transition from crib to bed to take about a month. Nope! Daryl kept laughing at me because I was more worked up about it than she was. Maybe 'I' need a month to make the transition!! Where has our baby or even little girl gone?!?!

This morning, she slept late. When I heard her stirring, I went upstairs and stood by her door. She was on the other side of her closed door gently tapping and saying 'hello'. I slowly opened the door, but she was a little in the way, it took some maneuvering by her to get the door open, then she popped her head around the door and squealed 'boo!'

Later, we went out for a bed rail that would work better, and when we got home she sneezed and made a pretty descent snot bubble :) She does in fact have a little cold. I'm glad we didn't hit the playdate at Melissa & Gwen's this morning. We share our toys, but not our germs! :)
Daryl loved this little snip of one of the long Big Girl Bed videos. He asked if I could edit it and post it again for those (other than the Grandparents) who didn't want to sit through almost 20 min of Mia playing.

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