Fun on a rainy day

On Saturday, my mom made some of her fabulous Swedish pancakes. I've always loved mine with butter and syrup, Daryl opted to fill his with bacon, and mom had ligonberry jam in hers. I think it was the first time that Mia got a taste of them...but not the last. Daryl, Mia and I went to the museum of art after Mia's nap. Now, the last time I'd been there was when I was an intern during my Senior year of college...about 15 years ago! My has it grown and changed. It was a totally different museum. One thing that hadn't changed was their annual Christmas Tree Forest, a competition and exhibit. Mia and I really liked the Alice in Wonderland tree...Mia even tried to eat a cookie, but didn't get huge or shrink :) There was a very colorful Dia de los Muertos exhibit and an awesome kids science area. There also was a piece that had a group of colorful pieces of wood that made different sounds when you touch them. Check out the video! We hung out there for a while. Then off to the playground. Even though it was chilly, Mia wanted to play.

We met my mom at the Cornerstone Grill for a nice late lunch, and Mia loved her chicken fingers and mac n cheese. Then back home to hangout in the garden for a little bit. Mia helped her Ita pick a couple of oranges and limes from her trees, and gather a few pecans that had fallen.

Once we were all warm and toasty inside, Ita brought out some play things she'd picked up for Mia. Some plastic food that Mia could 'cut' with a plastic knife and cutting board, but the BEST thing was the stove with pots & pans. Mia happily played with that forever! While she was cooking she warned us it was 'hot'. We think the garlic, mushroom and egg soup was tasty, but a little on the peppery side :)

Mia and her Ita colored for a while on the little desk that I used when I was little. It's so cute how her little feet can't touch the floor and just dangle there.

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