Our Disco Duck

I'm FINALLY getting this video posted!!!!

On July 2nd, 2007 Dee, Tom, Daryl and I were in Cozumel celebrating Dee's birthday. While touring the island, we stopped off in Margaritaville for drinks and lunch. This fun filled establishment had a dance contest that our brave Tom entered :) After a shot of tequila and some intructions Tom battled 3 young guys for bragging rights and a first prize Margaritaville T-shirt! Poor Tom didn't get the shirt, but what he did get was a twisted knee, a house-call from a Dr., and several shots of painkillers and cortisone :( But with THAT, he also got dinner and beer in bed for a night :)

There was a lot of footage, but I was able to get it down to a snip of each of the 3 guys dancing, and all of Tom's stellar disco moves.

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