remember Aralyn? well, i'm happily on her mailing list of super fun stuff...this week i receive an invite to experience NIA, Tango or acting classes...how fun is she? i opted for the NIA class. i've done it once before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. i've been wanting to add some exercise into my life and this kind comes with so much more.

today, after i dropped of Mia at Casa T, i got a haircut, had a quick bite at WF and hoped over to Congress and 9th to Aralyn's pad.....pet her sweet pig, Ara, before walking in to her funky cool home. when Aralyn saw me, her face lit up and told everyone, 'this is Tanya! she's fun....she drums'. what a super fab intro. then we NIA'd. Julie was an amazingly positive and joyful instructor. we focused on our spines...i even got to wag & drag my tail (the one that would be there if i had a long tail. i LOVE that she said to shake it...feathered or furry...what OPTIONS! ) on the ground, dance and sweat and we closed by focusing on our chakras. wednesday's from 12-1pm, at Aralyn's, is where i'll be. it was everything i needed and so much more.

to finish up my day gone wild, i stopped by my honey's office for a quick kiss & a plastic spoon (my fine dark chocolate bar had melted in this Austin heat....so i ate it with a spoon) before i spent 1 1/2 hours at Half Price Books...then off to pick up my happy happy happy child from Casa T.

i heart wednesdays


Sara Ballard said...

Your day sounds like a dream! I am so glad you had such a wonderful day, chocolate with a spoon, its still chocolate, yummmmm.

Bonnie said...

What a lovely day for a lovely girl.

C-man and Mama said...

Ahhhhh...sweet silent relaxation of a day alone!

Christina said...

What an AWESOME day! Sweetness. And man, you are just full of surprises - I didn't know you drum! Too cool.