Feel better, sweet friend

Mia's little friend, Anika is feeling sick today. I told Mia, but she still wanted to see her...hmmmm I grabbed Mia up and whisked her away to the computer to show her pictures from a couple of weeks ago when Anika and her mama, Anjalika came over to play. Anja and I took turns using my camera...so I'm actually in a few shots!

Mia loves Anja for many many reasons, but this day it was for chocolate croissants

Mama playing dress up with her lil doll (taken by Anja)

lil angel (taken by Anja)

LOVE her fake smile (taken by Anja)

Mia demonstrates how to use a bed

Anika gives it a try

Mia shows Anika how to sleep :)

I love this little girl (taken by Anja)

Anika enjoying her Thai chicken soup

I'm wearing a hat that's even too small for Mia ( by Anja)

Anja captured this sweet lizardy hug

what a ferocious dragon! (also taken by Anja)

Hugs to you, Anika...feel better soon :)


anja said...

Awww! This really made us happy, Atta was sitting on my lap when the page loaded. Thank you for your wishes..Atta has been quite miserable but staying in and having mama waiting on her hand and foot has helped her spirits. Thank you for these lovely pics! I love the one where your noses are touching. That one of you in the hat is so cute. That hug is darling...and the last one, is my fave, I love both your expressions=) Thanks for having us over that day, it was one of my favorite play dates...I did call before coming..;)

Debbie Yost said...

So that's what a bed is for! Thanks for the demonstations!

Andrea said...

I LOVE the look on Anika's face in the last one.

What a fun day!

Christina said...

What sweet little friends! I love the hug. We have that same lizard mask, too! Ikea, right? I hope little Anika is feeling better now.

You did see that you won the splash contest, right??? Congrats!

lonestar said...

Aww, looks like they had a fun time. Precious pictures!