Just One Day?

Ya know when you meet someone for the first time, and everything falls into place oh so nicely? That's exactly what happened when we visited with David (Dee/Nana's brother), Sheila, Irene and Juliet. Since they live in Manhattan, and we live in Austin, there just aren't many chances to hang out. We've exchanged a few holiday cards... but that's it until last week when we all hung out for one afternoon while they were in town. Everyone had the best time, and I know we'd LOVE to see them more often! Sheila was soooo easy to talk with...about everything, and poor David was up and down the elevators (or as Mia would say, alligators) fetching their camera, a sweater, bug repellent...and just to give the girls a ride up and down the alligator...um, elevator. That just comes with the territory when you travel with 3 ladies :) We had a tasty lunch and then swam in the pool till the rain came. All I can say is 'just one day?'

I just realized that I don't have a single shot of Tom and Dee, but they're always around...just look
here, here, and here or my flickr family page!

I had a fun time processing these shots...even got to play with the texture tutorial from photo pal, Christina. Here's a before and after of the lovely Sheila, and then the rest.

my honey is behind Joe (guy getting hugged by Sheila)..this is the only shot of him :(


Andrea said...

Very cool.

I haven't played with textures yet. Not sure how I feel about 'em. I see many shots that are are way overdone, but have also seen many that are done nicely. You may have to teach me how to do the layer thing.

I'm still trying to learn to navigate around the stinkin' software. So much to do, not enough time. =)

Jen said...

I have been playing with the textures too from Christina's post, but mine don't look nearly as good as yours. All are great shots, but I especially like that last one. Wow! That is one crazy looking sky.

Cara said...

Awesome pictures. I love the textured one, it really bring you subject to the foreground.
Christina sure does a great job with the tutorials.

anja said...

looks like a lovely day=) Love the picture of Mia in the pool and the last shot is cool.

Wendy said...

what an awesome time with family, you are so blessed woman!

Sugar said...

I have got to get more savvy with Photoshop. I love the tricky stuff you did! The original images were, of course, fantastic!

MGF said...

I love the angle on some of your pictures. The last on of the sky is really great.

Christina said...

That sounds like a wonderful time...isn't it great when you find someone you just connect with like that? All the pics are great...and you did awesome with texctures! Wow, you go girl!