last night, Bonnie, hosted a MNO. the last time it was silly time at Bonnie's Boozing Booth. this one was a glamorama! Andrea's cousin, Javier, was in town...he's a fabulous make-up artist. he so very generously spent his entire evening making us over. i heart Javier! Bonnie worked her ass off and pretty much gave each 8 of us our own private photo shoot. to see her little tease (bad girl, Bonnie! always leaving us wanting more) click here.

while trying out one of Bonnie's lenses, i shot these behind the scenes shots. Bonnie, i think you'll be proud...i spent some extra time processing :) love you!

i couldn't resist Sam

i love Bonnie

Bonnie's Josh (he makes the BEST freakin queso!)

Javier el Guapisimo!

the following 4 shots of me were taken by Andrea (Thank you, Mamita)


Andrea said...

These came out great mamita!!

Very nice job.

And what fun!

anja said...

WOW!! Tanya, these are fab! Thank you so much..what fun..Its like a dream, I can't believe I did this super glam thing. LOVE these behind the scenes pics, they are REALLY good. You are getting SO SO good, Tanya, your eye is amazing.

Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

Awesome pics Tanya. Such a great variety. You all looked beautiful!

Aidan....and others said...

All of you look absolutely amazing!! Wish I could have been there. Stoopid plane.
Love y'all.