Casa T...the fun continues

It's Wednesday, so Mia was at Casa T today! Her first day was last week, but today she spent the whole day there...napped and everything...for 2 hours!!!!! I love how Andrea blogs about Mia's day there. I can be a fly on the wall. I've noticed I truly enjoy watching Mia with her her teachers. Ms. Andrea, Miss Jennifer (Mia started swim classes at Emler again yesterday. Yes, she's still a fish...Bonus: we saw Anika fish and Mama Anja there, too! and Anja's super smart cousin who just earned her masters of law at Harvard!!!!), and Ms. Misty her nastics coach. Mia is her own person, and I love that. If you'd like to read about how I spent my day hop over to my blog all about me :)

all of the following shots were taken by Andrea

Mia loves puzzles ( i love how she's holding the one in her left hand)

I think she was making a little doll...she's entranced...it's a very good thing

ahhhh Mia the girl who's in charge of the napkins

(i heart the little specks of green paint on her L thumb)
Lovely Sophia pushing Mia on the swing....I'd know those lil piggies anywhere!
girls digging the sandbox...I heard it's Mia's fave place to hang

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Christina said...

How wonderful that you get this glimspe of what your little gal is doing at school! That's marvelous!

I never know you have another blog! I'm off to check it out...