Show the LOVE

One of my dear friends, Andrea (she's also going to be Mia's teacher in the Fall!) entered the Summer Fun photo contest and out of 466 enteries she's one of 20 finalists! How cool is THAT?!?! It's such a fabulously fun shot!!!

Please show her some love.
Go HERE and vote for #19 Om Mami!
(you don't need to sign in or anything, just hit #19 and enter)


Frogs' mom said...

Done. What an amazing picture!

Petula said...

I voted for you! You have to tell more people to vote for you... you're half way there! :)

I wasn't going to vote (because I am extremely disappointed at not being a finalist!), but after looking at all your wonderful photos I just had to vote for you.

I am going to tell my friends to vote for you too!