Rock the Vote...please

You may have noticed that I've been posting some of my shots in more national forums...I'm having a BLAST with photography. Well, I entered one of my shots in the Splash Me! photo contest at Melody's super review, contest and giveaway blog What I Think. One of the coolest things is the Melody and her boys picked the finalists...how cool is that?!?! Another super cool thing is that MY shot was PICKED as a finalist!

I have a one in four chance (pretty fab odds!) to win the following 'The winner will receive a HP Photosmart A536 compact photo printer! The three runners-up will each receive a 50 free photo prints gift card from Snapfish.' Wow! I just realized that I'm gonna will something! This totally blows my mind. Is that silly? Another super cool thing is that fellow Texan friend, Christina, is also in the running! The two other finalists are Jaimee and Krista...don't know either very well, but LOVE their blogs and photos :)

this fun shot of Mia catching water at the sprinkler park is my entry

Melody said 'A note to the finalists...all is fair in love and photography...get out there and promote your photo. Blog, beg, whine or offer chocolate, but get your friends over here to vote.'

So, I'd LOVE for you to go HERE and vote for ME! :) Now, for those reality show watchers (you know who you are) you're more than aware how much votes count. I've seen a couple of the top contestants get voted off because peeps thought 'oh, they'll get votes'....hmm I guess that goes for political elections as well... :) Please go here and vote for me...#3...see that even rhymes! Please don't put it off...click right HERE , got to the bottom and comment by saying you vote for #3. Don't' worry...you won't get any emails, spam or be bugged in ANY way. I've been commenting on this site for a while with no problems at all...Melody is lovely like that :)

Seriously...vote for your fave...to see votes for any of us will make our day :)


Bonnie said...


Christina said...

You really are rocking the vote! You go girl!

But look at you with the shameless begging...I may have to change mr tune, no more Mr Nice Guy. ;o)

Jaimee said...

Congratulations! Shhh...Don't tell anyone, but I like your photo the best of all of them! :)

Stacy said...

Congratulations - love that capture! Totally fitted the contest. :)