Ice Cream Fest

"Daddy! I'm riding a pooooony!...Abby the pony...she's a beautiful pony!"

Mia and Mama feed a little kangaroo... and a fawn....
a a Brahma bull calf
Mia & Mama shared a Hey Cupcake! cupcake Mmmmmm
Mia's very interested in the tattoo she's getting
ahhhh...with glitter, too!
we ran into buddy Colton and his fam...all ready, but couldn't find the sprinkler zone

very HOT and ready to hit the road
peeled off the corn part of the corn dog...then passed out!

*Note: a corndog fried in the same grease as the funnel cakes is way super yummy!

oh, we did share a dish of ice cream :)


Andrea said...

What fun!

Man, it did look hot!
As I was looking at these, Sophia says, "Mia! Oh Soooo Beauuutiful"


I puffy heart Mia's tat!

jw said...

Wow! Looks like a super fab. time! An awesome tat, a pony, and a weiner in hand - what more could a girl want?

Christina said...

You guys are just non stop fun! Always some fun adventures going on there. Looks like a great time! I love your little sweetie just cocked out from all the excitement. And yay for pics with YOU!

anja said...

what fun! Love the pic of you both together with her mom tatttoo..Atta says,"Hey Mia, where's my tattoo mama?" when she saw that cool tattoo..

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

It looks like everyone had a wondeful time, what a fun idea for a festival! (I'm always up for ice cream, lol!) LOVE the mom tatoo, what mom wouldn't? :)

Tara said...

LOVE the tattoo! A great series of photos - and mummy's on them too. How did you manage that? I'm on none of my children's pix as it's always always me behind the camera!