August 17th, 1948

On Sunday, Tom, the best father in law in the world, turned 60! I'm sooooo glad this man was born...not just because he's super wonderful, but without him, I wouldn't have Daryl or Mia :) Turning 60 has been a tad hard for him, but just LOOK at him! He's so handsome! Do you know he takes a 30 min nap EVERY day....Dee can't even remember him not doing it. I think it keeps him young and spry. He's also the bestest Pawpaw in the world...ask Mia.

Mia painting and gluing a bunch of eyes to a pet rock for Pawpaw

Nana will do ANYTHING to make Gwen smile

Mia and Gwen investigating the Elmo car

Hmmmm Now. Where did I put that cue chalk?

my hot honey

Joe and Gwen say hi to Bubba

of course they have a pair of mallards, don't you?

helping Nana mash the potatoes

Pawpaw is great! He gives me chocolate cake!

See, Pawpaw? There's an eye here and here and here....

Mia is SO excited her Pawpaw got a new reel

Pawpaw, Mia and Daddy check it out

Happy Birthday Pawpaw!

We LOVE you!


Andrea said...

What a loving loving family!
They must love having some mamarazzis in the family. =)

BTW, 1978 would make Tom VERY young. Even younger than me!


Mia's Mama said...

ayyyyy thank you! It's supposed to be 1948 :)

Everything was off center, too...hmmm I checked that. Oh, well. Glad you enjoyed the blog and helped me out a little ;)

Stephanie said...

I love the one of Daryl and Mia. What a sweet moment captured! You are so lucky to have such a loving extended family.

Christina said...

What a lot of birthday in your world lately! Happy birthday, Tom! I love the way you capture every detail of events...I feel like I'm right there. Daryl sure looks a lot like his Dad! And I LOVE the Mia & Daddy hug.

Wendy said...

Ya'll are so very blessed to have family, and so much of it, nearby. How awesome!

Karen said...

Wow, your husband and his father look EXACTLY alike! What cute photos! Grandparents are so important in a kid's life.

Petula said...

Your blog is a wonderful scrapbook and you take absolutely perfect pictures. What kind of camera do you use? Beautiful.