and the rest of the birthday

let's just wrap it all up and finish with the tales from my birthday. after my lovely birthday brunch with friends, flowers, chocolate and dinner from Daryl, I thought my beautiful birthday was finished. but nooooooo.....

apparently Daryl and Andrea had been in cahoots for weeks...along with everyone that came to my Super Duper Surprise Birthday Bash! while i was innocently drumming with friends, there was a party going down at our house. the problem with it being a surprise was that i didn't know about it. so, if i didn't know about it, how could i be expected to be there on time? i was an hour late! i was so floored when i walked in and saw our entire home filled with family and friends, that i just shut the door until i was composed enough to try again...that happened three times. finally into my party and was just bamboozled by who was there. many who i'd seen that very day! i did underestimate their sneakiness!!! and it was AWESOME!!!!

Bonnie took some super fab shots, and here are some of my faves:

i took these last two shots.
my cake... Mia (2 1/2 yrs old) and Andrea (34 yrs old) couldn't wait till i blew out my candles :)

Mia does love her cake
thank you! it was a birthday to remember!


Wendy said...

Wow, what an awesome hubby and friends. Glad you had such a wonderful and memorable bday sweetie.

Andrea said...

ahem... Anja's hubby also had some cake too!

ay ay ay!