sex, shoes & silliness in the city

the girls hit the Alamo last night for Sex in the City. we laughed, ate, cried, drank, snorted, talked (during the movie...bad Tanya) and had the best time. the following photos are of us after the show trying to pose all sexy, but acting like, as one lady asked 'are ya'll from out of town?'...Bonnie replied, 'no, we're moms who don't get out much'. the smart and sneaky lady not in the photos, but behind my point & shoot, was Anja. i'm hoping Bonnie caught a few of her.


Stephanie said...

What fun!!!! Looks like I missed a really good time. :( You look very youthful since you started eating WF. I've been meaning to tell you that but kept forgetting.

jw said...

DAMN!Hot mamas!

Andrea said...


I love you guys.

So we established Tanya is Samantha.

Who am I?