latinas who lunch

this week, here in the valley, Mia and i haven't hung out with other mamas or kids, so Friday, we went in search. it's hot, so we decided on Chik-fil-A's indoor playscape. let me preface by saying that i was feeling cute...cute hair, cute jeans, cute green florally kinda hip top, and my new lime green sequined flip flops..CUTE! actually, not cute enough. there were 3 moms with a kid each...the kids looked normal, but not their moms. these were three incredibly beautiful Latinas that were impeccably put together. from their stylish cuts and colors, their super cute halters and those other shirts that look like tube tops but have strings from the middle that tie around their necks....white pants, new religion jeans, or sassy crops...ALL in HEELS!! and freaking CUTE heels,...sex in the city heels!!! at Chick-f'ing-A! maybe they just came from something important...nope, this is how they dress. i looked around for the rest of the day for HOT MILF SITC SAHLatinas....HEB? check! Walgreen's? check! here I was feeling fancy free...and actually a little more dressed up than I would be at home, and i looked tirada (slobish). oh, those damn gorgeous Latina housewives....oh think Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives...THAT'S how ALL the moms look down her!

this is an outfit one of the LILF's (sub Latina for Mom) was wearing...guy not included
i SO can't wait to get back to casual Austin....i just want to feel cute again. oh, cute thing was when their kids tried to get Mia into playing...they only spoke Spanish...it wasn't about colors, numbers, animals...that Mia's been learning in Spanish. it was 'hola, quires jugar? andale, ven con migo...' Mia just stood there and blinked. i translated and they played a little :)


Stephanie said...

But these Mamas aren't going to get down and dirty with their kiddos. Those Mamas probably just watch from the sidelines.

anja said...

Ay! I feel your pain sister. I can just imagine how HOT they looked, latinas are gorgeous and they take care of their appearances.. I felt the same way in Bombay, everyone was so well dressed and skinny it made me sick.

Andrea said...

It's a border thing and don't think less of me when you read this.

I was once one of them. GASP!

I never left the house without makeup impeccably put on, my clothes were nice, small, and hole-less, my hands and feet were perfectly manicured, and I was donning a designer purse and designer sunglasses, my hair was pulled back into a sleek and beautifully braided bun, not the rat's nest I have on my head now.

And yes, I wore heels more often than not. And I managed to do this while going to school and working with two young boys.

It's definitely a cultural thing for Latinos I think.

Thank GAWD I live here now where casual is the way of life.

Andrea said...

I was what they called a FRESA. My brother would call me that all the time... "ayay...you're sucha fresca"


Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

oh. my. god. I would never be able to leave the house.