i djembe

i'm a drummer. i drum djembe. Yvonne, Stephanie and I had our first class last night with Mae the magnificent. on the carpool over, Yvonne and i realized that we had some time to kill...we stopped off at the Texas Roadhouse for a drink (drank it pretty fast) and peanuts...thankfully she had tic-tacs!
on to Mae's gorgeous Tudor home and into her den filled with drums and other musical instruments. we were at the riiiiight place. first was a quick history of the djembe...fascinating! my fav was that the drum is to have 3 spirits..1. the tree (the base) 2. the animal (the skin) 3. the drum maker. then on to the basics. it was exhilarating! for the next hour and a half my mind was free of troubles...the only thoughts were of rhythm and joy. it was great to be in it and then look over at my friends and see the pleasure in their faces. we were kids again!
today, my hands are a little sore...my left one especially...hmmmm must work on placement. oh, after our class, we had sort of a jam session. Mae played two drums and the rest of us picked out our choice of ethnic instrument...we just let loose and blissed out.
i'm looking forward to next weeks lesson and on our third week joining with our friends...Andrea, Anja, Mel, Leah Ann and Domi (we had to be split b/c of scheduling). off to practice...she gave us homework :)


Stephanie said...

So fun! You're right, we were like kids again! I can't wait for next week!

anja said...

Wow! I can't wait!!